I am so excited to tell you about the past four days! I feel like it may have been a dream?

When I received the invite to attend Kendall Jackson’s Sip, Bite Blog, I literally re-read the email five or six times. I rarely get invited to anything blog-related, and when I do I often turn it down because I really just like this little relationship you and I have got going on here… I tell you about recipes and weird life stuff and you tell me that I’m not always crazy and that seriously, I can’t call “crack brownies” crack brownies because I’ve never tried crack. You know.

But seriously, who could pass this up? I just feel so honored and lucky and blessed to have been asked on such a trip of a lifetime.

We began Friday night with a reception, and by reception I really mean a food and wine pairing.

I can hardly wait to show you the rest of my meals this weekend that were prepared by the amazing culinary team at Kendall Jackson. You know how I love when the passion for food oozes out of someone’s soul? Yeah. This was perfect. It was probably some of the best food I’ve eaten. Unfortunately I forgot to grab the menu for this first tasting, so bear with my sensory-overload mind.

We sampled a wine with each dish.

Fried green tomatoes +

buckwheat crepes that included a bit of apple butter… 

…smoked fennel and tomato soup + a sweet tea-brined pork belly slider + a baby taco which I will remember the name of five minutes after I publish this post…

…and with the dessert wines, a vanilla bean panna cotta with strawberry gelee…

…and famous homemade caramel corn.

At this point Lori turned to me and said “uh, Jessica? I don’t think you’re actually supposed to drink all of the wine.” Oops.


So after eating seven courses, we ate dinner.

We had wood-fire pizzas and these amazing vegetables which even I devoured.

And then we had this.

Tiramisu trifle. That was pretty outrageous.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the rest of the trip. I’m currently holed up in a San Fran airport hotel all by myself, watching a Boardwalk Empire marathon. I’m in wine withdrawal.