1. I’m currently up to my elbows in butter and flour because I’m busy making the croissants we discussed on Friday. These better be the best darn croissants I’ve ever tasted considering the amount of work they take and the fact that I’ve made 4 different flavors. Also, butter gloves are a good look on me. Let’s make this a thing.


2. And while I’m busy dragging myself out of my comfort zone, these are next on my list.


3. We emotionally ate these ice cream crepes on Sunday.

They were as fantastic as they look.


4. I spent four hours last week looking for a new pair of boots and the only pair that will fit over my calves is $328. Joy!


5. I’ve put my “did Tony Soprano really die?!” obsession on hold for the moment while I ponder how long Vincent Chase’s marriage will last. BECAUSE IT’S ALL REAL LIFE.


6. This is Bella after puppy school graduation.

She’s still adorable but getting past the stage where you want to squeeze her to death and exploit her all over the internet.


7. I took the hottest hot yoga class I have ever been to in my life last night, and it was so hot that I’m pretty sure the heater malfunctioned and went to 150 degrees. The seats of my car are still soaking wet. Want a ride?


8. I just peeked into the oven and my croissants are the size of my head. I’m scurrrrred.