1. Mr. How Sweet has been out of town all week and I’m very excited for him to return, if only for the sole reason that I can stop frantically searching for the remote control to change the channel every time a preview for Paranomal Activity comes on.


2. Since you’ve worked so hard this week, I’m pretty sure you (or your wife/sister/daughter/best friend) deserve to enjoy the friends and family sale for Kate Spade. The deals online are amazing and this totally justifies that $400 dress! I’m the devil on your shoulder.


3. This has not been my week in the kitchen. On Monday, I had four recipe fails in a row. You read that right. Tuesday, I broke a plate. Wednesday, I had a bottle of balsamic explode in my kitchen, and last night I broke a glass. I ingested a lot of this, and it must have worked because today I made my favorite cookie recipe to date. I also made a delicious soup that resembles vomit, but I’m hoping you’ll forgive it’s appearance because it tastes so.damn.good.


4. In an effort to eat kale is some other way that chip form and force vegetables in my piehole, I made this kale salad from Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Every Day.

It’s totally cheating because this kale is still roasted, but with delicious flavors like sesame oil and flaked coconut. I mixed it with some Trader Joe’s Harvest Grain blend, but I realize it looks like a big pile of blurry forest here in a bowl so I’m not sure why I felt the need to show it to you. I guess I just wanted to brag. Even if I did have to eat some leftover shredded chicken in a tortilla afterwards.


5. Are you nosy? Have you ever wondered what’s inside my purse?? Probably not, but I’m telling you anyway.


6. Happy Friday! Are you doing anything fun? Eat some bacon.