But not really.

We all know how I feel about that.

I just wiiiish I was crafty, sort of like how I wish I liked to drink coffee and how I wish I liked to read classics.


After my giant holiday pinterest binge, I really was wishing I was crafty. Even the easiest stuff turns disastrous for me: 1. because I have zero patience and 2. because I just do NOT have an eye for decorating. I’m a mess.

But I attempted this last night… just threw some matte purple and mint green ornaments in a big glass… thing?… and then added some tiny champagne and gold ones in there too.

I have no idea where to put it. Or what else to put with it. Or why it doesn’t look as pretty as it would if I paid someone $500 to do it. Or if I even like it. Or why I don’t have a trillion dollars to have someone decorate my house four (or really… six) times a year.

Life’s not fair.