1. There is one reason and one reason only I’m excited for Spring around here: massive margaritas.

2. I’ve always moaned about how my husband is so crazy in the head about certain things, like having all the light switches in the EXACT DIRECTION! all the time, but here is something I haven’t told you: he is convinced that he must eat 13 ounces of food for his lunches each day. Apparently, 13 ounces of food keeps him full (for like one hour, until his next gigantically large snack) – no too full so he wants to sleep, but full enough that he can manage for 60 minutes. Doesn’t matter what it is… chicken, mac and cheese, ICE CREAM, a mish mash of leftovers… he’s decided it must be 13 ounces. I harass him incessantly for this.

3. Yes… I know.

4. On Thursday I had a yearly physical and got a routine tetanus shot… then later developed a reaction/horrid fever from said shot WHILE IN HOT YOGA. Okay whatever – I shouldn’t have gone anyway since I couldn’t lift my arm over my head, but uhhh I pay out the rear for it. Let’s just say that was probably one of the worst moments of my life. Once I managed to make it home, I walked in the door and just started hysterically crying… and Mr. How Sweet just stared at me in shock. Probably wondering what he did wrong.

5. Because of that whole debacle I remained flat on my back on the couch alternating between four blankets and half-nakedness for nearly 48 hours only speaking to whisper “…ice cream.” I’ll be okay with never seeing another ice cream sandwich again in my life.

6. Or until, like… Saturday.

7. Though I’ve had a giant lack of appetite, I did manage to eat Mexican food at 10:30PM on Saturday night. Of course.

8. Ummm remember last Fall when I told you Ulta’a 21 days of beauty had kidnapped me? It’s back.

9. I would like a shirley temple please. With a side of snickers cake. thankyouverymuch.

10. Best book you’ve read lately? BESIDES The Hunger Games people. Go!

11. I ask because I’m about to hop on a plane! Which gives me massive anxiety. Pass the booze.