1. A few years ago I became infatuated with eating eggs (specifically fried) and baked beans… together. I’m firmly back on that gravy train and it’s so, so good.

2. I only have a bunch of baked beans because Sunday night we ate a huge feast of crockpot beer pulled pork, cornbread and cinnamon brown sugar butter, mashed sweet + yukon gold potatoes, roasted green bean fries and yep… baked beans. It was lovely. And pants popping.

3. And speaking of gravy, have you ever had it with french fries? My mom used to claim this was a delicacy of her’s while in college. It is pretty freaking terrific.

4. Current favorite blog? Tell me below. I met Krissy while in Orlando last weekend and love her to pieces.

5. Do you have ANY idea how many current actors/actresses had little bits and pieces parts on old school 90210? Like the chief from Grey’s Anatomy. And he wears this little beach patrol outfit thing. Weird.

5.5 Raise your hand if you are so completely sick of me mentioning 90210 in like, every blog post. Both of mine are up.

6. Since I don’t do crafts and am not very creative on the cookie/cake front, I rarely do holiday-themed treats for parties and family get-togethers. Last year I tried to make these brownie pops for Easter which were tasty but somewhat of a fail and required waaaay too much patience on my part. So this year I’m going to make these adorable little macaroon nests and be domestically festive.

7. My first true cuisine love is Mexican, but it really shares my heart with Thai. Least favorite is Italian. What’s yours?

8. Why yes, my husband IS wearing an Under Armor hunting shirt in that picture. Not because he hunts, but because he thinks it’s cool and makes him more manly. P.S. -> it doesn’t.

9. Can I interest you in some oreo cookie spread, chocolate chip cookie dough devil’s food cheesecake or red velvet pull apart bread? I thought so. Let’s have a partay.

10. While my husband was away last week, he called me super early (like 8PM) to say he was going to bed. Three hours later he calls me while I’m reading, drunk to the high heavens, telling me he just fulfilled one of his life goals by meeting Rodney Atkins in a bar. When I asked who that was, he said “you know! the country guy that was in the news a few months ago for beating his wife.” Oh. Okay.

11. He also ate froyo at 8AM for breakfast on Friday. Maybe I’m rubbing off on him.