1. I slurped this cucumber jalapeno margarita while in California last week. Ughhhh. So good. I also hate the word slurped.

2. True love is cleaning someone’s 3-day old oatmeal pot. Especially when it’s made with milk. And when the only way you like oatmeal is inside of cookies.

3. Check out this crazy floor to ceiling herb garden that lives in the Thermador kitchens! How can I do this? It’s a must.

4. Though I probably should not have an herb garden IN my kitchen, as it would exacerbate my laziness because I wouldn’t have to walk a few feet outside to water my plants. Which are dead anyway. Oh well.

5. Okay… so it’s clear I’m having an issue with blueberries, right? Ummmm I might have four blueberry recipes that I haven’t even shared with you yet. And now, I want this blueberry pudding cake. I’m a sucker for pudding.

6. When you guys ask me how I take my photos, and I laugh hysterically in response, this is why.

I snapped this a few days ago with my phone… of me taking pictures on my very recently-used and still sweat-soaked yoga mat. No tripod, nothing fancy… just me and my water bottle. And don’t worry – I didn’t feed anyone this yoga sweat recipe. Except myself. Because I sat there for about 45 minutes in that exact spot devouring it. It’s a loooong story.

7. And if you could like, even SEE the mess I make? You would probably demand that I have a full-time maid following me all day long. Let’s make that happen.

8. I clearly think I’m very important.

9. Since it’s a billion degrees outside and I can’t stop turning on the oven, I’m going to drink this watermelon mint lemonade for the rest of my life.

10. Over the weekend, I ate Mexican food twice in 12 hours. That was also on the same day as my 5-hour nap. Suuuuuper productive weekend.

11. Oh Tom Cruise… I’ve always loved you even in your height of wackiness, but now that I’m hearing it was YOU who halted the Dawson’s Creek reunion? We’re done. Kaput. Now let’s get that show on the road.

12. Cheapo neon orange earrings. I’m living in them. I probably embarrass everyone I’m with. Always.

13. What fun things are you doing for the 4th of July?! I’m not cool enough to party, so I’m gonna live vicariously through you!