This is like the… quadrjiliionth recipe for a mash up of chocolate chip + oatmeal cookies I now possess.

Brown Butter Oatmeal Chunk Cookies I

So what?

Brown Butter Oatmeal Chunk Cookies I

I like cookies.

I like chocolate.

I just, uh… sort of love brown butter.

I don’t really like oatmeal… unless it’s in cookies with chocolate and brown butter.

I like things that taste a lot like chocolate chip oatmeal cookies but aren’t chocolate chip oatmeal cookies at all. But whatever.

Huh. This just seems like it’s going to work out perfectly.

Why yes… I will accept this rose.

Brown Butter Oatmeal Chunk Cookies I

I mean, these cookies seriously are TOTALLY different than other oatmeal cookies because of the brown butter. Just look at the specks in the dough. Just smell them. Just eat them!

They are diverse in so many ways.

Or not.

But we all know I’ve talked ’til I’m blue in the face about how much brown butter improves, well… life in general. So the depth of flavor in these cookies? The caramelness, the toffeeness, the butterness? It’s life ending. And totally worth it.

Brown Butter Oatmeal Chunk Cookies I

Brown Butter Oatmeal Chunk Cookies

[adapted from my chewy oatmeal chocolate chips]

makes about 15-18 cookies

1/2 cup unsalted butter

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1/2 cup loosely packed brown sugar

1 large egg

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1 1/4 cup all-purpose flour

3/4 cups rolled oats

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon

1 cup chocolate chunks

optional: 1- 2 tablespoons milk, if dough is crumbly

Heat a small saucepan over medium-low heat and add butter. Whisking constantly, cook butter until bubbly and until small brown bits appear on the bottom of the pan – about 5-6 minutes. Watch closely and immediately remove the butter from the heat, whisking for an additional 30 seconds or so. Set aside and let cool COMPLETELY. Note: It does not need to solidfy at all, but it should not be warm to the touch.

In a bowl, combine flour, salt, baking powder, oats and cinnamon, mixing, then set aside.

Once butter has cooled, add to a large bowl. Whisk in sugars, stirring until smooth. Add in egg and vanilla, whisking until smooth once again. Slowly begin to stir in dry ingredients, using your hands if necessary (I always do) to bring dough together. If you find that the dough still won’t come together, add in milk 1 tablespoon at a time (I rarely have to do this.) Fold in chocolate chips, distributing them evenly. Refrigerate dough for 30 minutes.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Using an ice cream scoop or your hands, form dough into 1 1/2 inch balls. Place about 2 inches apart on a nonstick baking sheet, then bake for 10-12 minutes, or until bottoms and edges are golden. Let cool before serving. [/donotprint]

Brown Butter Oatmeal Chunk Cookies I

I’m currently holed up inside that gooey chewy bite up there. [/donotprint]

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199 Responses to “Brown Butter Oatmeal Chunk Cookies.”

  1. #
    kristin — April 8, 2012 @ 9:46 pm

    my aunt made these for easter brunch today and oh my god they are incredible. they were gone in 5 minutes flat because we couldn’t stop eating them. my family is obsessed with your blog!


  2. #
    Tracy — April 9, 2012 @ 7:25 pm

    I made these for a recent road trip. Gooey and delicious! Such a sophisticated chocolate chip-type cookie!


  3. #
    Cait Hawley — April 13, 2012 @ 9:44 am

    These have such an incredible flavor. Mine got a little too crunchy on the outside, but the inside is so perfect…I can overlook it (I have the WORST oven). I can’t wait to make them again.


  4. #
    madeline reoch — May 30, 2012 @ 4:59 pm

    I just made the dough for these puppies. I have absolutely no desire to cook it. Simply eat it straight out of the mixing bowl. So, for now.. The oven is off.


  5. #
    kim w — June 8, 2012 @ 8:50 pm

    Just made these, & ohhh my are they delicious!!! I love the subtle cinnamon flavor :D


  6. #
    Kelsey — June 19, 2012 @ 9:32 pm

    I just came across this site and tried this recipe over Father’s Day (my dad loves oatmeal cookies!) I doubled the recipe and made half the batch with chocolate chips and half without. They both turned out great- I made the cookies smaller than you said and they turned into the perfect bite size cookie!

    Thank you- I’ve been eying some of these other recipes I can’t wait to try them out!


  7. #
    Adrienne — July 18, 2012 @ 3:33 pm

    I made these yesterday and my husband ate them all while I was asleep. I’m 9 months pregnant, so he shall die. And I’m making them again. Because they are the best cookies I’ve ever had in my entire life.


    • Jessica — July 18th, 2012 @ 9:01 pm

      OMG I love this.


    • ashley — September 2nd, 2012 @ 11:41 pm

      this cracked me up!!


  8. #
    Claudia Williams — August 9, 2012 @ 1:14 pm

    Oatmeal cookies


  9. #
    Tabitha — October 10, 2012 @ 7:27 pm

    Is it ok if it is salted butter? It is all I have and I do not feel like going out lol :P


  10. #
    Brie — December 10, 2012 @ 8:58 am

    Um, these are legit. So, good in fact, I just posted on my blog about ’em.

    Make and eat these asap!


  11. #
    Rakel — December 24, 2012 @ 11:39 am

    OK, so you know how homemade cookies are kinda crunchy and not soft? Which, is fine because sometimes you want a crunchy cookie, but sometimes you want a soft one too. Here’s the deal. Put 1-2 tablespoons of corn starch in your batter, and they will stay nice and soft even after they have cooled. This is my secret ingredient in my widely requested chocolate chip cookies. Incidentally, I only ever make chocolate chip cookies. I can’t remember the last time I made a different type of cookie. A few years ago I think I made some russian tea cookies. I guess I tend to prefer a nice chocolate chip cookie when I want cookies. I like oatmeal raisin cookies too, but I am a sucker for chocolate so this recipe is right up my alley, maybe I will try it. I was just going to link you to a post on my blog with my cookie recipe but then I realized that I actually have NOT put it online yet. GASP. It looks like I need to make some cookies soon and put it online!


  12. #
    Tiffany — December 28, 2012 @ 7:16 am

    These were good. I really liked the brown butter. This was my first oatmeal cookie (I’m not a big fan of oatmeal in cookies, or cinnamon)…While they tasted good and probably tasted REALLY good to an oatmeal and cinnamon fan, next time I’d leave out those two ingredients. They were moist and chewy, turned out perfectly. I followed the recipe exactly.


  13. #
    Anna May — December 31, 2012 @ 10:28 am

    Disappointed with this. :( It was not gooey or crunchy but ended up flat and big. I tried to make them puff back up half way baking, so that did the trick, but when I took a bite they tasted like cakes. :(

    I should try this again next time. Also, this was too much cinnamon for me (I’ll omit them next time tho). Happy new year! :)


  14. #
    Marjie — February 10, 2013 @ 11:15 am

    Made these last night for a movie night for my two friends. I think between “testing the batter” then inhaling the cookies as they were coming out of the oven, there are only about 6 left oooppsss!!! Needless to say, they were delicious!!!


  15. #
    Yii-Huei — March 23, 2013 @ 6:14 am

    I made these, and my whole family could not stop eating them! I added some peanut butter and also put half whole wheat and half all purpose.
    I wrote about this on my blog, feel free to check it out if you want!


  16. #
    Courtney Cohen — June 8, 2013 @ 10:23 am



  17. #
    Emma — December 6, 2013 @ 2:44 pm

    Hi! Just made the cookies and they are delicious. Thank you for the recipe!


  18. #
    Danielle — December 17, 2013 @ 10:23 pm

    This is probably the 100th time I’ve made this recipe. This is my go to for cookies. So delicious! Everyone that has tried them beg me to make more. Thanks for sharing! Definitely a keeper!


  19. #
    Christy Holloway — March 2, 2014 @ 4:16 pm

    oh my gosh! i just made these!!! AMAZING!!!!!! LOVE the brown butter! thank you for the recipe!!!


  20. #
    Niko — March 30, 2014 @ 12:11 am

    Wow! My kitchen smells like a doughnut shop at the moment…….. The combo of browned butter, chocolate chunks and cinnamon is heavenly. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. I may cut back on the cinnamon next time, but they still taste delicious. Love, love, love! My husband and my 6 year old are about to devour the goodness as well. I will refrain from eating the rest of the batch tonight, but it will take much willpower!


  21. #
    Veronika — August 18, 2014 @ 3:16 pm

    my friends called this “the best cookie you’ve ever made, and you’ve made a lot of cookies” i think i doubled the amount of cinnamon, but that’s what i usually do when a recipe asks for cinnamon, so don’t be surprised :)


  22. #
    Anita — September 8, 2014 @ 4:52 am

    Hello Jessica!
    Those Brown butter oatmeal chunk cookies looks amazing! Danish butter is the best butter for any cooking!


  23. #
    Maxine Alchek — December 17, 2014 @ 8:21 am

    I tried these and the flavor was great– especially the brown butter. However, I think my balls were too big, and they never melted enough, so I ended up with something like chewy muffins. I even measured the balls so they were exactly one and a half inches. But either this is too large, or there was something wrong with my batter that it didn’t melt enough. Wish I knew how to fix this.


  24. #
    Leslie — January 20, 2015 @ 5:11 pm

    There are a lot of great ingredients here, but they don’t play all that well together. The brown butter works, but the cinnamon overpowers it. The chocolate chips and the oatmeal compete too much. I also felt it needed more butter vs. the milk addition to rectify a dry dough.

    I’d ditch the cinnamon, use dark brown sugar, and lose the oatmeal. I bet they would be great with those changes.


  25. #
    Danielle — November 17, 2015 @ 6:31 pm

    Just wanted to say – I have been making this recipe for years now. It’s my go to for an impressive, delicious cookie. My friends and family literally beg me to make them. Thanks for sharing this recipe! It’s easy and delicious! Getting ready to make another batch! :)



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