1. If you’d like to learn more about my journey with blogging, the wonderful Mary of Where’s the Zoom shared a mini-interview she did with me regarding women being their own boss. She rocks. I probably sent her responses with loads of typos.

2. See that dish up there? It’s blueberry duck confit with blue cheese risotto and blueberry coulis. Definitely one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in my life. Might have eaten at that place four times in six days. Also might have just replaced the “u” in duck with “i” accidentally. Thankfully my eyes work today.

3. I went to sleep last night praying to wake up as Gabby Douglas or Ali Raisman. To say I’m obsessed with them is quite the understatement. It even makes up for the time that my Hungarian coach sat on my butt to make me get all the way down in my straddle split. Barf.

4. Olympic diving? Loving it. But I just don’t have a detailed eye to see this stuff. It’s such an optical illusion. I’ll see a synchronized dive and be like “OMG! They did so well! It was perfect!” only to hear the crazy ass commentators say how terrible it was. Then I see another synchronized dive and conclude that it was not as synchronized as it should be, and the commentators go wild. Lesson learned: no Olympic judging in the cards for me. Whomp whomp.

5. I misspelled synchronized all three times up there. It’s a miracle that spelling was always my best subject in school. What does this say about me?

6. My family has had an obsession with hot fudge milkshakes since back in the day, and I mean back in the day before Dairy Queen offered shakes and blizzards in ten million weird combinations. Now… I can add roasted strawberries to it? Yes, I think so. And speaking of strawberries, I’m having a miiiiinor freakout over these pancake skewers. What?

7. I’m eating lunch right now, and just took my first bite. Turns out I put hot chili salt on my food instead of regular salt. Wasn’t paying attention. Think I might die.

8. It’s official. I’m currently planning the wedding of face baby and this baby.

9. A few times on vacation, I had my own happy hour of microwave s’mores and wine, because I was too impatient to wait for s’mores by the fire at night. Am I a product of the Me Generation of what? Sickening.

10. The best part of vacation was not the beers on the beach or the wine in the afternoon or the multiple ice cream cones I ingested daily. Or wait. Maybe it was. But really… it was each morning after I did a workout of some sorts, I’d push all the furniture on the porch (which faced the lake) to the side, place my yoga mat down and do a make-shift practice of my own in the fresh air while looking at the blue water. It really was the best thing in my life, ever.

11. As someone who has suffered terribly from “the Sunday blues” since I was kid, it’s like this was written just for me.

12. Missing Girls like whoa, but this parody that my friend Jess sent me is the best I’ve seen. Hi.Larious.

13. Fact: number 17 people. Read it, live it.

14. Apologies for the word-heavy post, but I think I shared enough pictures yesterday. I just have so much to saaaaaay. Like how I’m planning full meals around my remaining bag of salt water taffy.