1. See this pork? It’s from one of my all-time favorite restaurants and it literally fell right off that bone. It was one of the best flavor combinations that I’ve ever had in my life.

2. Oh and that pork was eaten at the event I mentioned last Friday… you know the one where I wore jeans and the attire was cocktail-ish? You guys keep asking me more details and well, I don’t really have any. Besides the fact that I wore freaking neon pink jeans and my dirty hair piled on top of my head. So embarrassing. And of course instead of being cool and accepting it, the minute I started talking to people I’d be all “OMG, I’m so underdressed, OMG, I didn’t know the attire, blah blah blah.” Yeah. Yee haw.

3. While we’re talking about pork, I really want to make some pulled pork and serve it with these zucchini roll ups. I CANNOT stop thinking about them. My cousin and I were discussing them at midnight last night, that’s how obsessed we are. Something about smoky grill flavor and creamy goat cheese… gah, just stop.

4. Remember how I was talking about DD pumpkin coffee last week? Well I’m ashamed (but not really) to admit that I’ll drive ten minutes out of my way to go to the DD with a drive-thru. Just so, like, I don’t have to GET UP OFF MY BUTT AND WALK INSIDE. Ugh. So lazy. Clearly I’m also too lazy to spell out Dunkin Donuts.

5. Wait and something else… when I drink this iced coffee? Within like 20 minutes I feel drunk and like I’m on some sort of crazy spazzed drug. I get all happy and feel like I can do ANYTHING! This might be because I don’t ingest much caffeine (soda burns the heck out of my throat/chest) and this might be why I continue to drink it even though I sometimes hold my nose so I don’t have to taste it.

6. Bored with, well… life? Here are 30 things you should do right now. Gosh I love that list. Especially #5. And #12. And #25.

7. I cannot physically allow you to take one more breath before telling you about this soup. OMG… this soup. It’s a green lentil soup made with coconut oil and coconut butter, then topped with spiced brown butter. I will forever profess my love to Heidi Swanson.

I dipped about a million pieces of bread in there too… and then I also ate it this morning for BREAKFAST after my workout. Who does that?

8. I think it’s safe to assume that I will never get enough s’mores items – you’re talking to the person who has combined butter and graham crumbs in a bowl them microwaved them and topped with marshmallow fluff and chocolate chips – so I am just losing my mind over these s’mores rice krispie treats and mini s’mores tarts. Can’t even deal.

9. It’s never been a secret that I get waaaay too emotionally attached to celebrity relationships (I’m a wacky daydreamer, what can I say? Makes for good (read: deliciously unrealistic) fiction writing though.) so can we just take a minute and give it up for these 10 celeb relationships that give us hope? I’m sure in like five minutes one of them will break up, but for now… can we figure out how I can become BFFs with Tom Hanks?

10. Dirty Dancing has been on Lifetime or some cable channel like that a lot recently and it’s actually been played back to back. So I’ve watched two full showings of Dirty Dancing – one right after another… multiple times in the last week. I think for a total of eight or so? And THEN, after I watched on Friday night, I spent about an hour you-tubing and googling things about Patrick Swayze. I started my blog the day that he passed away and talked about how he was my first ever crush. That movie was definitely The Notebook of the 80s. And 90s. I hope someday when I have kids they actually like the movie, but chances of that happening are slim. It will be OMGsoold by then.

11. Are you oh-so-sick of everyone talking about Fall? I’m sorry… but not at all. I freaking love the crunch of leaves under my shoes. Best.season.ever. If only there was more neon pink in autumn.

12. Apparently Bella is a human. Or so she thinks.