1. Am I the only one who has a sick fascination with looking back at old to-do lists? It most likely is related to my nostalgia-issue but I write down almost everything in this one giant notebook (read: notes, recipes, to-do lists and song lyrics I can’t figure out) I have, switching them out once they get full. And when I flip through pages looking for a blank space, I get all giddy finding past to-do lists and trying to match them up with the time of year or day. Sad sad sad.

2. Could this be it? The one way that I can learn to enjoy broccoli? Let’s add another cup of cheese and I think we have a winner.

3. Today my talented friend Bridget’s book comes out! I’ve mentioned it before but meeting Bridget solidified the fact that she is one of my most favorite people in the world. No exaggeration. Oh and last night I had some dream that we were in a little cottage with Katie Couric. I have no idea. I’m watching way too much TV.

4. I’ve been making a bunch of these pumpkin pie smoothies (up there) with fresh pumpkin puree, pumpkin greek yogurt, vanilla almond milk, a ton of spice and cinnamon and occasionally some of the 0% vanilla greek frozen yogurt from Trader Joe’s. I would like to bathe in it. I also made one with a boatload of butternut squash I had left in the fridge. In.love.

5. Speaking of Trader Joe’s stuff, I’ve been going crazy over their cranberry maple nut granola. It is so crunchy. I put it over a microwaved honeycrisp with loads of cinnamon. It makes me love life.

6. To put it bluntly, I would sell my soul for one of these whole wheat pumpkin spice latte muffins right now. Okay, more like three of them.

7. Do you have any idea how badly I wanted a hot pink swatch watch when I was a tween? I eventually got one for Christmas or something and am now kicking myself that I didn’t keep it. From now on I’m saving EVERYTHING.

8. Over the weekend we watched the new movie Liberal Arts, and ohmygaaaaah I loved it so much. Now don’t get all excited because it’s known that I’m a horrible critic and love pretty much everything, and I think my affection for the flick had a lot to do with the fact that I married someone older than me. But it… was so freaking good. Now that I said that you’ll probably hate it.

9. Your daily dose of bad influence: okay listen. If you have green eyes, you should most definitely buy this mascara. Yes, it says fascinating violet. Yes, that means it’s purple. I promise you won’t look trashy or like you’re stuck in the 80s or like you’re dressing up for Halloween. And I know that’s not very convincing coming from me. But. It is so faint that you cannot actually tell it’s purple from a distance, and it makes your eyes look awesome. And I think they have a burgundy one for blue eyes. Don’t be scared. Just do it.

10. Hello: loving this list of the 10 best and worst fictional boyfriends of all time, but I can’t help but wonder WHERE IS PACEY WITTER? I really mean it too.

11. My husband has started drinking wine. Like, real wine. RED wine. Not Boone’s that he drank in college when he couldn’t get his hands on anything else. And not because I tried to shove it down his throat and he finally gave in to shut me up. It happen on his own time. I have no idea what to think about this. I’m afraid to get excited because I fear the rug will be pulled out from under me in a few weeks when he declares it was a quick phase and he will never, ever drink wine again. I’m also utterly confused. This is almost as shocking as if he told me he wanted to try a vegan diet or something. It makes me want to drag him to wine country while I still have the chance. It makes me think the world is ending.