I think I’ve finally figured out why I love breakfast so much.

Angel Food French Toast I howsweeteats.com

Besides, of course, the obvious eggs and bacon. And really crusty toast with butter. And biscuits. And tortillas with breakfast things. And mimosas. And casseroles. And brunch. Like, brunch in general.

It’s one of the only meals where it’s truly acceptable to eat dessert.

Pancakes, french toast, donuts… it’s all breakfast food! Winning.

Angel Food French Toast I howsweeteats.com

And because of that, I’ve totally justified this whole cake for breakfast deal. I mean, angel food cake is touted as the lighter dessert, right? It’s the treat that people eat when they go on a diet and when paired with fruit, it gets even healthier. So I got to thinking – I bet some of these slices are even less caloric that the really thick italian bread I’d use to make french toast anyway.

See? It’s alllll making sense now.

Angel Food French Toast I howsweeteats.com

There is something about this breakfast cake that is making me think I won’t be using bread again anytime soon. In true angel food cake fashion, it’s not like it’s super sweet or anything, so that helps. I don’t add any additional sugar to the egg mixture, which also is beneficial. But the inside? ohmygosh. The outside is your typical crusty french toast but the inside is still your typical light-as-air angel food cake.

It’s like biting into a crunchy cloud. And it’s the least-heavy french toast I’ve ever tasted. Which makes a few slices of bacon on the side totally acceptable. And balanced. (<—- PROTEIN.)

Angel Food French Toast I howsweeteats.com

Oh and can I give a helpful hint? If you are going to do this with your angel food cake – like slice it up, dip it in egg, fry it in butter and all around trash it up, just buy one. I learned the hard way that hey, angel food cake is sort of a pain in the butt to make from scratch. If I am making it, I am going to enjoy it in it’s purest form possible.

Not covered in sugar and cream and everything delicious and just sdfkhjdsfkjhsdkjfhdsf. Yeah. No words.

Angel Food French Toast I howsweeteats.com

Angel Food French Toast

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  • Im a measuring cup, whisk flour into a few tablespoons of milk until it’s totally dissolved to create a bit of a slurry. Add back to the rest of the milk.
  • In a large bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, vanilla extract, salt and cinnamon. Heat a large skillet or griddle over medium to medium-low heat. Gently dip each piece of angel food cake into the egg mixture, fully submerging it and covering all the sides. Make sure to let most of the egg drip off. Place a bit of butter in the skillet/griddle, then place cake on it and cook until golden, about 2-3 minutes per side. The only additional step here is you want to fry each side, then turn it on it’s “back” and get that thick third end of the cake. Repeat with remaining slices, adding a bit of butter each time.
  • Serve with syrup, berries, whipped cream and fresh mint!

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I appreciate you so much!

Angel Food French Toast I howsweeteats.com

Oh except let’s make this a regular thing?