More favorites! Here are some that don’t include glittery makeup. What I’m loving this month?

This periwinkle Rebecca Minkoff bag. It’s only the most perfect color that ever existed for Spring. Asides from mint green. I am in love with it and will use it forever. This also may have been the quickest I have ever used a gift card in my life. (<— self proclaimed gift card hoarder.)

2 books! First up, Jane Green’s new novel. Love it. Next, I’ve actually been listening to Heft on the Audible App. Kristen recommended Heft to me back in December and I’ve wanted to read it ever since. The thing is that I barely have time to twiddle my thumbs these days, so on a whim I figured why not try listening to an audio book while I work all day? This is a huge first for me. The app is okay – I’ve had no problems so far but the ratings stink. However, the book is fabulous, though listening to the audio version with the older man’s voice narrating was something I had to get used to.

Cadbury mini eggs and Trader Joe’s peanut butter filled pretzels. In the same bowl. I’m telling you now because Easter is almost over and you can get that stuff on a discount. Stock up.

The Kacey Musgraves album. It’s like Pistol Annies meets… Carrie Underwood-ish? I don’t know, that’s probably a horrible description, but I love it. Also must re-mention the new Blake Shelton album as well as anything by Jana Kramer. Nothing gets stuck in my head like her music does. It plays in my brain for daysssss.

These method almond wood wipes. Basically, I have become so lazy that I can no longer move my fingers to pump a spray bottle to dust. Okay, but really… I love these things. Been using them for a few years and they are awesome.

Sopranos reruns. Ah, so pathetic. HBO has been airing the entire series at 8PM on one of their channels every week night and we are pretty obsessed. So obsessed in fact, that we DVR the episodes and freak out if we miss one even though we own the entire DVD set. Whatever, I don’t care. I’m still convinced it’s real life. Tony Soprano, are you dead or alive?

Burgers. Ugh. I’m in the midst of like, a three month burger binge. Actually, if it’s Saturday afternoon I’m probably eating one right now.  (spoiler alert: i just did) I want one constantly. And no, I’m not pregnant. What’s your favorite burger? I’m going to make some peanut butter bacon ones. Again – not pregnant.

Anything in the lavender vanilla scent from Yankee. It smells so good. To me, it smells like the inside of an ice cream shoppe. Yes, I said shoppe. With two p’s and an e. Classy.

Iced hazelnut macchiatos. I’m still hooked. At least until I get three fourths of the way through. And no, I haven’t ordered it upside down yet like some of you have suggested. The reason why? I’m concerned it won’t look as pretty in the cup. (so embarrassing.)

Annnnnd that’s a wrap. Anything extra you’re loving this month? I’d love some book ideas.