I am currently in love with 3PM every day.

This has been my afternoon (and pre-yoga!) snack for about two weeks and I still cannot get enough. It’s actually what gets me through my work day and I’m telling you, it even has magic powers. It makes me eat VEGETABLES. Yes. You heard me.

I have always been a milk chocolate kind of girl, but I struck a deal with myself that during the week, I’d try to eat some dark chocolate since it has, uh… antioxidants. You know.

So for awhile, it was a the dark chocolate with almonds. I found that combination to be perfect – tastes super good but also makes me feel good. THEN. I started adding in some of my favorite merlot-soaked cheese (I get this at my favorite local market but Trader Joe’s also has an awesome syrah-soaked parm) and using the ghirardelli cabernet matinee which um OMG tasteslikewine! It’s fabulous and I want to eat an entire bar every single day of my life. Ghirardelli sent me more chocolate than I could ever dream of, but the cabernet is by far my fave.

Which leads to the vegetables. I look forward to this combination of the merlot parmesan, almonds and chocolate-that-tastes-like-wine so much that it makes it a little easier for me to eat things that are not covered in cheese and bacon all day long. Make sense? Things like kale and maybe mushrooms and maybe some butter lettuce too. I know… what a walk on the wild side. Huge for me though. As long as I know that I’m having this snack, it’s all good. It gives me a little energy boost and along with being both sweet and savory, holds me over until dinner so I don’t eat an entire box of cereal – straight outta the box – as I cook said dinner. Which happens all the time.

What I’m trying to say is that I love it, majorly. Have you tried this stuff?

…and yes, it’s obviously delicious with wine.

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