1. The above is an embarrassing shot of my counter last night after a day of developing six recipes. No… none of those things went together. Like… none of them. Except for the beverage and straw…

2. And because of that I ran the dishwasher three times yesterday. THREE. Can I get a reward? Or at least a sticker? If not for running it, how about for unloading it? Only the worst chore in the history of life ever.

3. Some of you asked for my thoughts on Oz since I saw it last Tuesday night and I think… eh. Could take it or leave it. I actually found myself very antsy in the theater and feeling like I had to get out of there even though I didn’t have anything to do. And then I said later that it would be the kind of movie I’d rent On Demand and then fall asleep during. But it was cool too? Oh and my so-so thoughts may have something to do with the fact that they were only showing it in 3D and well, I’m too old for that. I felt sick and dizzy and like everything was blurry and the glasses are too big on my head and… and… wah. I like to complain.

4. Last week I made this for dinner and it was so delicious. Served over Trader Joe’s brown jasmine rice. What are you making for dinner tonight?

5. Just got the biggest giggle from these autocorrect texts that you never want to get from your parents. OMG.

6. I am the biggest cliche ever so I, of course, loved the Girls finale. I mean, loved. I’ve read a lot about the controversial thoughts/views and even though I agree with most… still loved it. Whomp whomp. Plus, do we think that was the moment that Lena Dunham really cut her hair? It had to be.

7. Oh and perhaps the BIGGEST thing? Um, my husband watched it with me. Yeah. This is a gigantic life move. I always watch it with my cousin but she was away. He must have felt too lazy to move off the couch earlier in the day when I had the Girls marathon on in the background, and then when it hit 9PM instead of going upstairs and sulking about such an awful show, he actually sat on the couch. He will tell you he just wasn’t ready to go to bed and still loathes it, but I secretly think he wanted to know what happened. Uh huh.

8. I still can’t do plain coffee without tons of cream and sugar and diabetes-inducing ingredients, but I really like the Starbucks hazelnut macchiato, iced. HAS to be iced. Except I like it until I get about two thirds of the way through and then it REALLY starts tasting like plain, bitter coffee. Then I want to throw up.

9. On my to-do list today, I literally wrote out “eat avocado toast.” It’s shockingly one of the only tasks I’ve accomplished so far.

10. Did you do anything fun for St Patrick’s Day? I did not. I threw up enough green beer during my college years to last, well… a lifetime. Real life. To celebrate being a responsible adult (don’t see #5), I am going to make one of these cocktails come 5PM.

11. OMGjustintimberlakealbumisouttodayomgomgomg!!! sorry.