1. Yes, the above photo is quite redundant when it comes to, well… my entire life (especially instagram), but I find it imperative to tell you that if you are not eating goat cheese (ideally humboldt fog, yeah whatever I still can’t get over it) on top of your avocado toast, you have yet to really live.

2. I think we’ve come to the point where I’m unsubscribed to more people on Facebook than I’m subscribed to.

3. Last Tuesday I was so excited about the Justin Timberlake CD… until I was on iTunes and saw that in May a new Rod Stewart album is coming out. How old am I? Also, I like the JT album but am a bit… underwhelmed? I don’t know. My expectations are always too high. However – new Blake Shelton album came out today and I FREAKING LOVE IT. I think I’ve listened to it three or four times already today?

4. The photos of this triple chocolate quick bread are blowing my mind. Gah! It has a chocolate oat crumble. I die.

5. I forgot to mention last week that after we saw Oz? My husband I both developed a little Michelle Williams obsession. I mean, I guess I’ve always had one, especially since the Heath Ledger days – even though I initially loathed her in Dawson’s. Didn’t everyone? The bad girl you loved to hate. Anyway – she looked so gorgeous in Oz. Like… so gorgeous.

6. The above proves that I really have no life. It actually concerns me sometimes.

7. Since Girls is over and I’m sort of in a TV slump (aside from Walking Dead), let’s get excited that Mr. Feeny is going to reprise his role in the new Boy Meets World spinoff! AND I think there is a new Nashville this week? Is anyone else waiting with baited breath for Reyna and Deacon TO JUST GET THE HECK TOGETHER ALREADY? And don’t even think about breaking them up.

8. And just because they never get old (at least not for me since I’m a child) – 30 more auto-corrects. Yeah, it has suggestive language but what autocorrects don’t? Some repeats, some new. The best part is that supposedly the iPhone learns *your* language? Which is interesting because it thinks I say “duck” a good bit which I’m not even sure I’ve ever typed out in my life. Speaking of, I did have my own autocorrect moment that I found pretty hilarious a few weeks ago when I tried to text Bev “omg amazing” which somehow turned into “omega maxing.” Like, her nutella bites were omega maxing. We laughed for days! Hilarious, right? Funny? No? No… ? Sigh.

9. It’s favorites week! Since this upcoming weekend/last few days of the month is a holiday for some, when would you like to see the favorites? I’m thinking Friday. Also, this means it’s the end of March. Already. Oh my gosh. I’m done with life.

10. I’m pretty boring today because all I’ve done the last week is work and we got about six inches of snow and I’m totally stir crazy and stuck in my own brain and… and… I’m going to go eat some carbs. Solves everything.