Things I’ve been fascinated with in May. These are them!

These shoes. Enough said. (Here is a link but I bought them on Hautelook a week or two ago for much less. And the color of mine is technically “lavender.”) (P.P.S. it’s like there are sprinkles on my SHOES.)

Speaking of fashion (or according to some of you, perhaps lack there of… ), remember last year when I was obsessed with denim jackets? Well. This year I am obsessed with denim vests. Like the cute ones layered over dresses. I’m a walking denim nightmare. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Taco salads. And when I say taco salads, I really mean a small handful of shredded lettuce in a bowl covered with chicken or ground beer/turkey, cheese, chips, salsa, avocado and sour cream. I mean Greek yogurt. No, I mean sour cream.

All week I’ve been watching Behind the Candelabra on HBO – like over and over again. HOLY COW. The acting is just insane. Seriously? You go Matt Damon. Oh and if you know me and my love for Rob Lowe… he is sort of a freakshow in the movie and it’s great. And terrifying. Sidebar: the plastic surgery scenes are horrific. No facelifts for me!

Been freaking out over the new Lady Antebellum CD. I was afraid I wouldn’t like it but uhhh… I adore it. I also can’t stop listening to Treasure by Bruno Mars, Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke and Daft Punk Get Lucky. Okay well… I’m probably sick of them all by now.

I’m still loving Bauble Bar like I mentioned last month, and I adore this obnoxious bracelet from Anthropologie. Arm candy in action.

Trader Joe’s honey roasted sliced almonds. I’ve mentioned these in a few recipe posts but good gosh – they are fabulous. I eat them alone or on top of yogurt, ice cream, salads – everything.

As for books, I’ve still been reading a good bit but am waiting with baited breath for Elin Hilderbrand’s new novel at the end of June. Right now I’m reading Someday, Someday Maybe (<- amazon affiliate link, FYI) by Lauren Graham (the mom from Gilmore Girls!) and enjoying it. Plus, I really love Lauren Graham because um, did you even KNOW that she and Connie Britton were roommates years ago? I can’t even take that. Here are the books I read last month.

This raw coconut water. I still love Zico but this stuff is the best.

Vanilla soft serve sprinkle cones. Get on that.

Any non-makeup stuff that you are loving this month? What about FOOD? I want to talk about FOOD.