I’ve been drinking an obscene amount of coffee.

I know. Me… who supposedly “hates” coffee. Guess I don’t hate it anymore! Guess I got my wish: I wanted to be cool and drink coffee like everyone else. Now I’m cool. And jittery.

If you don’t follow along on instagram or twitter, you may not know that since last Fall, I’ve been working on finally putting things in a book for you. No, not a fiction novel (though I’m working on that too), but an actual cookbook. As it turns out, I had an extremely difficult time developing anything that I found good enough for my invisible internet friends. I like you and well – things have to be superb.

The good news is that I’m essentially finished (hello, 300 scrapped recipes later?) and late next year we can talk about a ton of my favorite (all new!) quick and easy, mostly healthy recipes. Yes, obviously they will include bacon because my healthy life includes bacon. If you don’t get that… oh well.

The bad news is that my house is officially disgusting. (However, I just wrote “digesting” by accident.) I’m not even close to joking. It is such a serious mess that I don’t even know where to begin in the cleaning process. Not so much dirty… just – cluttered? I go to sleep and wake up hoping that a magic cleaning fairy came and night and solved all my problems. And I don’t even have kids!

As a random sidebar: I put on (too much?) fancy makeup some days just because I love to play with it so much. No surprise.

In addition to that obnoxious amount of coffee I’ve been consuming, I mentioned briefly earlier this week about eating like a teenage boy, otherwise known as the food day from hell. Or from heaven – depends on how you look at it. Well I’m cracking and being real: we ate pulled pork tacos for breakfast, a donut at the airport, a Five Guys burger when we got off the plane and then at midnight – a Primanti’s sandwich. Yeah. Click that link if you don’t live in Pittsburgh. It was delicious.

Considering I fully expected to have a heart attack (or ten), I went and bought one of those green juices at Whole Foods, determining that yes! I would start my week off right! and have that for breakfast. Um. OMG. It was horrific. Like downright, gag me with a spoon disgusting. I hated it. I was such a dramatic freak, acting like I’d never tasted something so terrible in my LIFE. Maybe you’re not surprised, given my thoughts on vegetables and all, but I think I’ve been doing pretty well in the vegetable department lately. Err, well for me.

I just don’t know how you guys drink that stuff. Perhaps I should do with it what I did with coffee.

It didn’t occur to me until well after I wore them that perhaps thirty is too old to be wearing such bedazzled, almost stripper-esque shoes? Thankfully, I made myself ignore that voice. Don’t care.

Earlier this year I sort of accidentally tried to train for a half marathon. Thought that maaaaaybe it would be a good way to keep off extra cookbook pounds. Guess what? I quit. Not afraid to admit it. I loathe running with a passion. I’d much rather walk or honestly? Spend 45 minutes on an elliptical machine or spin bike. Crotch pain and all. Life’s too short to hate something you gotta make a choice to do daily.

Oh and the above picture? Don’t mind those crafty zigzag scissors – we all know I suck at crafts and they are simply leftover from a scrapbook kit I had a tough time parting with. That view and my kitchen is almost all I’ve stared at for eight months. And a lot of iTunes playlists and a lot of DVRed TV shows. I adore it buuuuut – your lovely interaction has saved me sanity. I really like you.