1. I have decided that breakfast is so ridiculously good because there is no vegetable pressure. NONE. No guilt over the need to include a salad or a side of broccoli. Instead, you just eat all the toast and eggs and hollandaise you’d like. Winning! (P.S. is this font coming up small? It is for me and I can’t figure out how to fix it because it looks normal and it’s making me insaaaaane.)

2. I know I mentioned this on Instagram but fruity pebbles are by far my favorite froyo topping because my mom would never buy them for us when we were kids. Don’t get me wrong – we ate all the cinnamon toast crunch in the world but there was something about all the fun colored cereals that she just wouldn’t support.

3. Oh and yesterday my mom told me on the phone, regarding tickets to the theater, “you know, your dad got them through… through… (me: fully expecting her to say “work” or “a friend”) the computer thing.” Yes. She meant he bought the tickets online.

4. Fueling my burger infatuation: I’m doomed.

5. My buffalo chicken pizza obsession is becoming so severe that on Sunday night I made a buffalo chicken pizza without the chicken. And a few Saturdays ago when I was home alone, I actually ordered a buffalo chicken pizza without the chicken for delivery. Pretty sure they thought I was clinically insane. The girl was like “uh…. okay. I don’t know if we can do that?” What? Just leave the chicken off. You can do it. I like a bite of chicken here or there but it’s the flavor I really want with all the cheese and bread. Duh.

6. I have so much amazing food that I want to share from blogs I love that it’s becoming an issue. Like these shrimp toasts with mango butter? OMG. Summer in a meal. I may start doing a weekly roundup of links I’m loving because I just can’t take it.

7. Like this baklava cheesecake. Seriously? This is pure talent. A freaking art. I am amazed.

8. Now that’s it’s summer, shouldn’t Starbucks be bringing back their mocha coconuts?! WHERE ARE THEY.

9. Speaking of which, I just drank so much coffee (yeah I’m doing that now, wah!) that I feel like I’m drunk.

10. AND since it’s summer, I’m all “neon for life! denim vests!” and my husband is all “you look like you just walked out of The Breakfast Club” and I’m all “what’s The Breakfast Club” (jk, jk) and he’s all “it’s sort of oddly 80s hot.” Interesting.

11. So I have a really bad bug phobia. I think I’ve talked about this before but I downright loathe bugs. No, I don’t feel bad about smashing them to bits. It’s necessary. They make my skin crawl. If I think there is a bug in our house, I can’t sleep. Anyway, the other night I was walking up the stairs to go to bed when I spotted a gigantic centipede with all those scary legs. I mean, it looked like a freaking tiger. It was STRIPED. I wanted to die. It was way too big for me to pick up with a paper towel and my husband was asleep, so I did what any normal person would do and grabbed a bottle of Clorox Clean Up from the kitchen and started manically spraying it. As it was scrambling to get away, it was losing legs and the legs WERE STILL MOVING after they left the bug’s body. I’m still having nightmares.