Over halfway through summah! Here’s this month’s faves.

Pitch Perfect. A few weeks ago I claimed on Facebook that Pitch Perfect was my power movie. That may be an understatement. My obsession is out of control.

My white wedges from Zara. These are my current favorites shoes out of all of my shoes. Which is… way too many shoes.

All James Taylor, all the time. For the last few weeks he is pretty much all I listen to. This happens every summer. Nothing new. Thirty years, still going strong.

Pluots! I wait all summer for these magical little apricot-plum hybrids. Fantastic. Cannot get enough.

The afterlight app on my iPhone. Over a year ago I shared my favorite photo apps – I still love and use all of those ones, but have added vscocam + afterlight to the mix. Many of you also ask how I get the little dots/hearts/bokeh on my photos and that is with the app picfx.

Like I even need to mention it for the zillionth time, but watching The West Wing on Netflix. I am seriously annoying my entire family because I talk about it everyday. Please talk about this with me, either here or on Twitter or something. I just want to talk West Wing drama all the time. Oh hey, 2005.

Freaking denim vests. Light and dark washes. I’m so embarrassing. Oh and my mirrored sunglasses that I mentioned last month are still going strong.

This tart cherry juice. ohmahgah. It’s so delicious. We’ve been mixing it with bourbon and ginger ale. Oh an these incredible bada bing cherries! As a freakish maraschino cherry lover… I think I love these even more and they are natural – no dye or bleach.

The plain coffee frappuccinos from Starbucks. No extra syrup or whipped cream, just plain. I love these things. So refreshing and delicious.

Every Rebecca Minkoff mac clutch and mini mac bag in the universe. Seriously. I first mentioned my periwinkle one back in March… UGH. Love. I have practically already destroyed this bag with use. So well loved. I have a black and mint patterned mini mac, and it’s awesome for a smaller bag, but the clutch size is definitely the perfect size. I got a navy and gold one recently, mostly because my periwinkle one is so, so dirty. I want ALL the colors. It’s bad.

Anything and everything caprese. Still. It’s just like… a life law of summer.

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