Okay. So if you haven’t figured it out already, we are sort of in love with Nantucket.

Can’t event take it. And as I’ve already said a million times, it rained the entire trip – I can’t imagine how in love with the place I’d be had it been sunny.

So we went to Nantucket with Pavan for the Film Festival. I have to believe that it was fate considering a few months ago before any of this transpired I wrote about how much I would love to visit Nantucket and upon tasting a cocktail made with Pavan, fell in love. It could not have been a more perfect trip. [Full disclosure: Pavan paid for our flight + accommodations.]

We were set up in the legacy lounge of the Dreamland Theater all week, where we had a spread of cocktails and the movieinspired recipes I had throw together last month. Super fun does not even begin to describe it.

Since I wake up at the crack of dawn, we had a chance to take walks in the drizzly rain and be vacation paparazzi. This photo below is a picture my husband got on his iPhone one morning that I love. It’s like a spooky pretend pirate ship. Helllllllo Johnny Depp are you on there?

We had some of the best food I’ve eaten while on the island.

We did our fair share of chip-eating at corazon del mar, and a few of the other places we ate dinner at included Cru (where I had the BEST lobster roll of my life, it was seriously just like lumps of lobster covered in butter and herbs, no mayo, on buttery brioche. I die.), Galley Beach and Club Car. We also ate tons of snacks and sandwiches at a few places, including the straight wharf fish market (the swordfish sandwich was so fresh, simple and amazing), provisions and center street bistro.


Obviously, I still can’t get over the hydrangeas. Enjoy the photo overload below!

Now don’t you just want to go there?!

[as a side note, I know a lot of you have been asking where you can get Pavan. They are still expanding throughout the US so in the meantime, this is a list of approved online retailers that can ship it if you would like a bottle. I have no affiliation with these places and don’t get anything if you purchase Pavan, but I wanted to share since so many of you have inquired:]