1. Even though I’ve had an iPhone for years, I’m still in disbelief what it can do when it comes to photography. That picture up there is strictly just taken with my camera on the iPhone, no app. I can’t even take a picture this fun with my DSLR.

2. We were also freaking out over the hydrangeas while in Nantucket. My husband planted some last year and is having a serious meltdown that they aren’t flowering like the ones we saw. I mean he was talking about ripping them out then entire trip. I told him to google SOS hydrangea rescue when we got home. Any tips on pretty hydrangeas? HALP.

3. I seriously though google reader was just not going away. I am talking complete denial. This morning I almost died. I know I talked about feedly over the weekend but I can’t figure it out and I hate change and just want to moan about it.

4. Can we talk about this outrageous shrimp burger? I’m losing it.

5. Are bodysuits seriously now a thing again? I can’t stress how uncomfortable this makes me. Yeah yeah, I’m probably just jealous that I could never sport one in a fashionable way. And they just bring me back to the days when I got a frizzy perm at the age of 10 and my mom said my hair looked like Roseanne Barr’s.

6. I’m waaaay behind on my couch potato schedule and since we got home late on Sunday night, I haven’t properly been able to form my thoughts on True Blood but omgomgomg Dexter! Let’s please discuss. If you don’t recall, two years ago Eddie and I watched the first season over Christmas “break” and then… I proceeded to watch the next five seasons in two weeks. TWO WEEKS. It’s amazing how much cooking you can get down when you place your iPad in the kitchen for 12 hours a day.

7. 22 ways to make your life neon. Do it.

8. We have come to the point during the summer where I listen to James Taylor constantly and nothing else.

9. Absolutely adoring this post from my friend Teri on life’s formula and being happy with where you are at right now. It’s great.

10. Over the weekend I shared my June beauty faves + other stuff. I feel like I already have so much more to add. Might have to do a halfway-through-the-month-I’m-a-hoarder post.

11. What fun things are you doing for the 4th of July? What are you making? I’m not sure if I’m making anything (I KNOW), but we will be at our super fun annual family partay. And it’s like an extended weekend! Totally. And in the next two days I’m sharing a throwback recipe that my mom always makes. I mean, it straight up tastes like 1995.