tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Yep, I live in one of the cold places that everyone is talking about and this is the inside of our front door. If you follow me on instagram then you already know… and probably have seen more screen captures of the current weather report to last you a lifetime.

2. Did I really just hear that someone stuck their tongue to a flagpole like the kid in a Christmas Story? Just… why?

3. Seriously. A wrong and irresponsible sandwich. She gets me.

4. Now that I’m knee deep in coffee love and the holiday season is over, I can tell you that I tried the Starbucks holiday blend coffee and it made me want to die. It tasted like lighter fluid. Whatever that tastes like.

5. So. You know how I’ve talked about loving my Frye boots in my last two favorites posts? Well. The bottoms of those darn shoes are… slippery. I’ve slipped and slid all over the place but had avoided a full-out fall… until Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, I slipped and fell in the grocery store and an elderly man went to jump out of my way and ended up stepping on me. I felt terrible – for him – because he was so upset. I was fine. Besides bruised pride and humilitation. Exactly one week later, on New Years Eve, in the same boots I slipped and fell down the basement stairs. Wow. Did I feel old. I was more scared that hurt. So what shall I do? I’ve tried scraping the boots on concrete and stuff. How can I scratch up the bottoms so I can stop sliding all over the place? P.S. you know this is happening because I laughed all about this.

6. Another fun thing that happened on New Year’s Eve was that I made some goat cheese stuffed bacon wrapped dates. My oven was broken at this point, but the broiler was working. So I stuck them under the broiler… then went and sat down. What? Why? Am I losing my mind? 15 minutes later we had blackened, charred dates for a snack. I’m thinking this qualifies as an addition to my 2013 recipe disasters.

7. Am I the only one in the universe who doesn’t watch Downton Abbey? I know we talked about this last year. Before you hate on me, I’m not watching the bachelor either. So does the absence of one trashy show cancel out my absence of class from not watching a good one?

8. But! We are still blowing through Sons of Anarchy on Netflix and omgomgomg… I am so hooked. Like so hooked that I have to stop myself from turning it on all day long since we watch episodes together. I find myself begging Eddie “just one more episode! who needs sleep?” and even though it’s stomach churningly (new word?) violent at times, I’m sucked in. I feel like you only get to really fall in love with one or two series each year (I’m so glad I’m writing this out publicly to share how much of a life I do not have) and this is one of them. Last year it was the West Wing. I still miss it.

9. Facebook is usually the bane of my existence (except when I need a good stalking session) but seeing this guy have a hilarious relationship with applebee’s via facebook is pretty funny. Is that even real?

10. I’m so making this for dinner. (probably with a vat of soup, while wearing two pairs of Uggs and my winter coat, scarf and hat indoors. and gloves.)