Hi hi. We’re doing something different on Wednesdays now. It’s been in the works for a few months but since I’m the #illstartonmonday type, 2014 had to begin first! More real stuff. Live it.

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If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen me mention that I made a vision board. Oh, and how I used to think they were dumb (semi-truth) but now I’m a bit obsessed. It’s very true. (P.S. a vision board is just a big inspiration board that is covered with magazine cut outs, etc & things you like. Kind of like a non-overwhelming pinterest. I do have an inspiration board on pinterest (it’s my favorite board of all) but it’s mainly just colors, photos and things that inspire me in general.)

Let me back up a minute though – it’s not like I’m against inspiration or anything like that. True story: at the end of 2011, I wrote down a bunch of goals on a sheet of white paper and literally taped it to the wall next to our bed. Some were goals, other were affirmations and just general positive thoughts. I obviously looked at it everyday since it was right near my bed, but eventually it became stuck in my subconscious. If that makes any sense. Sometime near the end of 2012, the tape gave out and the paper fell on the floor. Being the lazy person that I am, I left it there for a few weeks (in my defense I’m pretty sure it fell halfway between the wall and nightstand, so I’d keep forgetting about it until I was totally zonked and couldn’t deal at night) and when I went to finally throw it away that December, I turned to Eddie in utter shock. Literally everything on the list had happened or had become a habit. Everything.

It was nuts. So I firmly believe in writing down goals and stuff. It wasn’t until two weeks ago when I clicked on a link from Facebook and watched a video that I decided I was making a vision board for the first time. Plus, I’m like the magazine hoarder of the century (seriously right now I think I have 12 subscriptions, I LOVE magazines) and this would make excellent use of them.

real life wednesday I howsweeteats.com

First though, I have to tell you something embarrassing. Like where I found the link to the video. A few years ago (like 2007 maybe?) when I was competing in fitness, there were tons of girls doing the same who I admired and like a total clueless fangirl, I friended them on facebook. One of them was Lori Harder, who still happens to be on my friends list (if she ever looks at hers she is probably like who the hell is this chick), and made this video. Dude. This video!

It’s long but it’s inspirational. I was sucked in and so motivated by her. THAT is the reason I made the vision board! I’ve since watched the video two more times just to get everything in my brain again.

My vision board this year is mainly focused on positivity. I just… want to be more positive. All around. Everywhere. About everything. It’s simple. I’ve always been a huge worrier (my mom has called me a worry wart from the age of probably seven) and it impacts a lot of my life in many different ways. Sure, lots of it is major first world problems, but you know. I just want to be more positive. So there’s that.

One of the other goals is a really strong focus on my yoga practice, which even ties into the above. When I’m consistent (for me, like 4-5 times per week) I have so much more clarity, sleep so much better, can relax easier, am more positive in general and have less anxiety (be it real or ridiculous) overall. It’s like my mind’s happy place.

Plus it lets me sweat out all the wine.

The rest of my vision board is covered in things like bright kitchens and wacky words like SHOW YOUR SPARKLE in all caps. Not joking.

Because I am 17 years old forever. And ever.

(I also cut things out of magazines like a kindergartener and don’t trim edges.)

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The whole vision board thing ties in with the planner that I’ve mentioned a few times now, this one by Whitney English that I am capital O obsessed with. Like, I just don’t even know how I can fully explain my love for this thing.

A lot of you asked for a review of it and while I’m not sure what I can review just yet, I’ll tell you that I love it because it has a whole day on a page.

For a psycho chronic list maker, this is a DREAM.

Oh so dreamy.

That’s not all though. This is super geared towards entrepreneurs and goal setting and consistency and keeping up with your dreams. It blows my mind.

whitney english day designer I howsweeteats.com

whitney english day designer I howsweeteats.com

Want to know what I’ve been eating lately? Well. I’ve been riding the avocado toast train nonstop because facebaby’s uncle sent me a MASSIVE box of avocados from California. Best thing ever.

Wait no – here it the best thing ever. I’ve discovered a new combination.

I’m still rolling with the mashed avocado and humbolt fog cheese crumbled on top. But but but now? I drizzled honey over it all. Yes honey.

It’s insane. Everyday.

The other thing we’ve been eating every single night is a simple arugula salad with toasted pine nuts and grated pecorino romano. I make a quick vinaigrette with some red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, garlic, salt and olive oil. Shake up in a mason jar, pour a little on the arugula, toss toss toss.

So darn good. Monday night? I ended up eating just a bowl of that. So weird.

I don’t even know me right now.

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Can we talk about books for a quick sec? The past two days I read Candace Cameron’s book because you know I have a Full House fixation and kinda love me some DJ Tanner. Eh… don’t really think that book was for me. I was expecting a little more. Or something that was not that. What though… I’m not sure.

I’m thinking of reading two of Rainbow Rowell’s books now – Eleanor & Park and Attachments. Have you read them? Share share share.

Ah! That’s another thing on my vision board. Books. My goal is to read one book per week (loosely) and to read every single day. I get really busy with work and just don’t make time for it. Need = less time in front of a screen. More time in front of paper with type. (the good kind.) If you see me on twitter after 9PM, scream at me. Loudly. In 140 characters.

Sidebar: can I just say that this solar oil is saving my nails/hands right now and this kiehls cream is saving my (very dry) skin? I love my body shop body butter, but if I put it on during the day, it’s near impossible to put on normal clothing afterwards. So sticky.

Now that we’re in the thick of winter (the universe didn’t get my memo of no snow after Christmas), I’m envisioning vacations later in the summer. This is the time of year when I always take a trip down memory lane and go crazy with my pictures from northern Michigan and think about our vaca coming up in August.

But! Um, I fell in love with Nantucket this year. Like, really in love. Like we talk about it all the time. Since we were there for work purposes, we didn’t have too much time on our own. Just a few hours in the early morning and if you remember, it poured rain every single day.

I’m dying to go back so we can really immerse ourselves in the island.

I found a pretty place to stay too.

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It was only $28,000 a week. Uh. That’s normal, right? Awesome.

Why do I think I can live like Beyonce?