Hey hey Wednesday! PUHLEASE pull me out of my winter humdrum funk.

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Can we talk about how I feel like I’m reading War and Peace here? This book is GIANT. So thick and fat. I love it. All 700 pages of it.

And I’m really enjoying goodreads and glad you all talked me into joining. Except I get sucked in and just spend hours on there reading reviews. I’m trying to get my ducks in a row and review all the books I’ve rated so far, but this little thing called real work is getting in the way. Screw that. I promise I’ll get it together soon.

Also: THESE PENCILS. omg. My inner school supply freak is losing it. I’m currently going through cookbook edits and uh HELLO head spin. Forgive me for my boring week.

real life wednesday I howsweeteats.com

Okay: on to more important things. Magazine hoarding.

I’m probably wording that incorrectly because I’m not necessarily a magazine hoarder anymore. I used to be – like from the time I was sixteen or so. I just LOVE magazines. I wouldn’t ever want to throw any away. I learned my lesson, however, and now I pitch them every month or two. Magazine reading is one of my guilty pleasures, an activity that is totally mind numbing for me. But I also use them for inspiration. I always get asked for suggestions, so below are my go-to reads.

My absolute two favorites are Donna Hay and Delicious. I’ve been getting these for over a year now, after one of my friends shared that she would use them for photo inspiration. The photography is INSANE. So, so, so fabulous. I can’t even take it. The recipes are to die for too – since these are Australian magazines, our seasons are swapped. So I do keep many of these magazines on hand and revisit the “winter” editions in summer. Love these SO much.

If you follow me on instagram you might remember last year when I shared a pic of my food photo inspiration wall. All that includes is a blank wall… some tape… and photos you like. I use mostly photos from these magazines. It’s the only way I know how to grow my photography. Aside from throwing my camera out a window, because that’s what I’d like to do 98% of the time.

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Like most food obsessed people, I also adore Bon Appetit and Food and Wine. I get many dinner ideas from those magazines and like the above, photo inspiration too.

More often than not though, I kind of want to flip through magazines that are NOT food related. A large chunk of my life revolves around food so in order to decompress, I like getting lost in In Style, People Style Watch, Real Simple, Elle Decor and W. And of course I love O magazine and Martha Stewart Living. I’m a marketer’s dream!

I’m super curious about magazines you love. I used most of these to form my vision board, but that doesn’t really matter considering most of what I cut out is words.

Before I go, I must share my local food extravaganza from last week.

real life wednesday I howsweeteats.com

Started on Thursday at Grit and Grace, which was so, so good and I can’t wait to get back. Three of us ordered four dishes and shared them all: the crispy pig face (pictured above), the braised beef short ribs, the grilled chicken thighs and the seared flap steak. GAH. If you look at the menu you can see what all came along with those dishes and we cleaned our darn plates. Totally delicious.

real life wednesday I howsweeteats.com

On Friday, my BFF and I had pizza (the one I showed yesterday) from il pizzaiolo after our little spa day. I’m pretty sure pizza is not what the world has in mind after a facial/massage/etc, but ummm it was perfect. And super fresh. You know.

More pizza Saturday! Just a last minute decision. This is the brussels, pancetta and burrata pizza I mentioned yesterday from piccolo forno. Insanity. Kill me now.

real life wednesday I howsweeteats.com

And just when I thought I was never going to wake up from a food coma, Eddie brought home some little donuts on Sunday morning. They were still warm.

real life wednesday I howsweeteats.com

I’m really wishing every week of mine could look like this food wise. Can that be a real thing?