tuesday things I howsweeteats.com-1-13

1. I have been on a major pizza kick. The above has proscuitto and arugula but on Saturday night I had one with brussels, pancetta and… wait for it… BURRATA. Can’t even.

2. Hello amazing: how to spin sugar. Seriously blown away. Her pictures!!

3. If you live in the Pittsburgh area, I’m teaching some cooking classes for Crate in March (the 20th) and June (the 14th). And when I say cooking classes, I mean we are making a plethora of crazy grilled cheese sandwiches and over-the-top burgers. Of course.

4. I got my first massage ever (like ever, ever) last Friday – and I mean massage by an actual massage person and not me having to nag my husband to please rub my shoulders – and I was slightly underwhelmed? I think I need someone to beat the crap out of muscles.

5. ‘Tis the season for needing to wear gigantic puffy coats outside and then having to blast the AC once you’re in the car because you’re dying of heat exhaustion. This happens to me every year. Freezing outside, stifling inside.

6. On that same note, even though it’s winter and freezing, I always want an iced drink. Always and forever.

7. If you are flipping over the Olympics like I am, you need to watch this mashup that Buzzfeed did of ice dancing to Beyonce’s drunk in love. Why aren’t people skating to Beyonce?

8. Um. I briefly mentioned this but I’ve actually been listening to the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack. Like I just have Happy on repeat all day. As if my music choices could get any more humiliating.

9. Why must I always get behind the person in line at the self-checkout who has thirty five thousand coupons? One of my weaknesses is the ability to choose grocery store lines.

10. Let’s talk TV!! Um okay. Girls: major second hand embarrassment. Even more embarrassment that I kind of got how Hannah was feeling (not wanting to be stuck in a job and become and office drone) but I’m like YOU NEED MONEY. Oh and can we just agree that Shoshanna had the line of the decade? I THINK IT’S TIME I UNCHOOSE THAT CHOICE. Story of my life. I thought the Walking Dead moved painfully slow but I got it. I did. I still am constantly on edge watching the show and do better when I learn spoilers ahead of time because then I don’t have an almost heart attack. Annnnnd I just remembered that House of Cards comes out this week, right? You can find us on the couch all weekend.

11. 17 signs you’re the old soul in your friends group. This is my life.