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I’m ridiculously excited for memorial day weekend. As if my last three posts don’t show it because I can’t shut up about the holiday. It’s always just been SUCH a fun weekend that we spend with family and plant flowers and eat ice cream and all the things that start with s and end with ummer and point to a new season.

I’m fairly annoyed that peonies aren’t around all year long here and even more annoyed that I got married in October instead of May because had it been May our wedding could have been all OMGPEONIES. But that’s only half true because in like 90 days I’m going to be all OMGFALL and not shut up about it for months and be totally common and repetitive.

I watched the dancing with the stars finale last night because I’m a grandma and because I wanted Maks to win so badly and can he and Meryl just be in love in real life because that would be great. They can hold a joint wedding with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth and  Connie Britton and Chip Esten and then my showmance romance heart can be complete. I think I like watching it so much since I danced (not like ballroom, but like jazz/tap/etc) and that kind of stuff gives me chills. Eddie doesn’t get it.

The level to which I am over facebook is so high that I pray it just disappears into thin air. Can’t I just have an invisible internet friend page instead of my own page?

I’d give my left arm for a donut right now. I’m not a lefty anyway.

Yesterday I made another video for you guys and I want to make more videos all the time, but not like cooking videos. Like fun life videos, like maybe even videos where I just sit and BS. But then I ditch the idea because um, I can’t even do behind the scenes work on my BLOG – I’m that clueless. The thought of figuring out how to do a video is ludicrous. Hairbrained. Laughable. Preposterous. I have no idea how (or when?) I could do such a thing. Maybe I need my left arm after all and I’d like another one while you’re at it please.

I’m losing my dang mind over this recipe. I have been eyeing those freezer pop things (what do YOU call them?) for weeks ever since they appeared in the grocery store as I do every spring and summer. I need an excuse to buy some in bulk. But maybe I shall just make my own. Tonight, this salad is for dinner. One of my favorites ever ever ever. Forever evah.

I can’t stop listening to the Michael Jackson/Justin Timberlake remix of love never felt so good. Like I put it on blast and on repeat and then feel like it’s the late 90s and I know everything I do is dated but it’s just sooooo gooooood. Kitchen dancing good. Car dancing good.

I’m reading Sarah Pekkannen’s Catching Air right now and I really love it. I’m waiting with baited breath for random things like Elin Hilderbrand’s new book to come out (I read the short story prequel on my iPad and am losing my mind over excitement, SO my type of book), as well as Miranda Lambert’s new album so I can fangirl like a freak. Tonight I’m going to finish Catching Air so I can dive face first into Emily Giffin’s new one. Eeeeee it’s my favorite book reading season. Give me a beach.

You’ll hear my talk about it later this summer but one of my favorite ice cream flavors in the world in Kilwin’s chocolate peanut butter. I’ve been getting it for, well, a LIFETIME. The only one that comes close is Haagen Dazs chocolate peanut butter. But my question is, how can I make this peanut butter chunk swirl stuff at home? Or is it just because it’s filled with delicious chemicals and I will never be able to replace it with my own creation? It has to be identical. Nothing else can compare.

I’m totally crossing something off my summer bucket list this weekend when I make fruit pizza for a few parties and I’m also going to make this INSANE pistachio cream cake that is in my upcoming cookbook. Have you preordered my cookbook? I will love you forever if you did and probably attack you with hugs if so. I have no concept of personal space.

That is all. Oh wait. It’s isn’t. Because this:

real life wednesday I


always & forever.