currently crushing on I


these no bake peanut butter cheesecakes. ugh. can’t even.

this one pot french onion pasta. totally craving.

this balsamic watermelon chicken salad. sounds so so good.

these blueberry brownies. !!!!!

this basil roasted eggplant with heirlooms. gorgeous and delicious.

these fried zucchini blossoms with basil ricotta. to die for.

this summer crostini party. just give me all of it.

these sour cherry popsicles. mouth watering.

this perfect peach pie. gimme.

this cucumber jalapeno martini. want want.

this thai corn coconut soup. these flavors.

these cherry mint margaritas. GAH.

these caramel apple pie biscuits. i’ll take twenty.

this marinated feta and garlic scape pesto. ridiculous.

these bahn mi fries. whaaaaaaat!

this red bean ice cream. so creative.

these frozen pineapple daiquiris. whoa.

this chocolate meringue cake with fresh berries. STUNNING.

this sweet pepper panzanella. adore these flavors.

these grilled sweet potato burrito bowls. omg.

these crispy cauliflower tacos with mango salsa. love love.

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