tuesday things I howsweeteats.com-1-43

1. Seriously craving this peach, beet and burrata salad with candied pistachios. THAT is a salad.

2. I’m finally getting in fall mode a bit, though I will say with traveling it’s been weird. And given that a few months ago Eddie decided to boycott the NFL with all their crap going on, sunday football isn’t even happening. Good thing I have ALL the fall candles to burn when I’m home.

3. Why do I have to want all the home things from anthropologie? It’s like they purposely try to ruin my life.

4. This might be the funniest instagram photo I’ve ever seen.

5. Can we talk about how texting is ruining our lives? My cousin sent me this yesterday and it’s so true and I’m the biggest texting offender ever. Like please don’t ever call me unless it’s an emergency of massive proportions.

6. I know I’m ridiculously late to the party but I’m loving the Ed Sheeran album. It’s been on repeat for weeks. I’m annoying everyone around me more than usual.

7. Yesterday Eddie sent me a text that he “got me something” but not be too excited because he’d only been to the grocery store. I was wondering what it was all day long… then he walked in the door with the US Weekly Country Music’s Sexiest Men special. Ummm does he know me or what?

8. Sooo I might have watched the Sons of Anarchy premier three times already. DYING. I thought it was so good and I have so many feelings. The ending was so awful and horrifying but I get it. Can we kind of compare Jax to Tony Soprano, where you still love him no matter what? I have no idea what is going to happen. I just think that Juice and Gemma will both die this season for sure. Eddie thinks Jax will die. I’m like noooooo. Although let’s be real: my favorites are Tig and Chibs. Moving on: Masters of Sex. I had a heart attack and thought this last episode was the finale, so at the end I almost freaked. I just loooooove them. I don’t know why I’m so hooked on this story. And Boardwalk! Just give me Margaret Schroeder please.

9. Speaking of watching FX, do you have any idea how terrifying the American Horror Story previews are?! They scare the living daylights out of me and only come on at night and then I can’t sleep because I’m seven years old.

10. Since I’ve been signing books lately and putting a heart over the “i” in my name (I mean… obviously?) – I just signed a check… with a heart over the ‘i’ in my name. I wonder where else I have done this?