tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. My car AC is punking me. It’s supposed to be cool out but it’s like 80 degrees, and it just decided to stop working. While I’m sitting in traffic in the burning sunlight. Then on days when it’s 62 degrees… it starts working again. Not funny.

2. WHAAAAAT this cookie dough chocolate cake is calling my name.

3. Umm. I might have been a wee bit obsessed with the happenings of the Clooney wedding this past weekend. Not sure that word even properly describes it.

4. I’m kind of dying to see Gone Girl. Even though I had mixed feelings about the book (years ago I wrote about my reaction of flipping the last page and being all WHAT) I have been sucked back into the press. Also keep waiting for Gillian Flynn to write something new! I lovvvved her other books.

5. I seriously cannot handle the sons of anarchy episodes – I have walking-dead-style anxiety before every episode. It just CAN’T end!! I can’t get over how creepy Gemma was at the end of last week’s episode watching Jax with pride. Eeek. I loved this week’s episode of boardwalk empire – the Margaret/Nucky scenes were so priceless! I wish her character was like this the entire time. Annnnnd OMG Nashville. Last week I said… is it just pregnancy hormones or do everyone on this show LOOK AMAZING tonight? I really liked the episode but of course hated the outcome. Bah. The Masters of Sex finale? GAHHHH. Not enough finality for me to wait an entire year. Lizzy Caplan is just so good. I still have the biggest crush on Michael Sheen even if he is an awful person on the show. And he was just on an episode of the nerdist podcast!

6. ‘Tis the season for finding all the scary horror movies on TV and changing the channel as fast as I can because I’m still afraid of the dark.

7. For months I’ve been seeing people use “ICYMI” on twitter and instagram and haven’t been able to figure out what it means. Instead of being normal and googling it, I just continued to wonder. I finally got that it’s “in case you missed it” which just seems… like a really, really long acronym?? Weird.

8. Soooo someone sent me an email about this thing called chocolate coke. Like coke mixed with hot chocolate fudge? Do you know this? Tell me more.

9. Oddly enough these never get old for me. I still sit in a room by myself and laugh hysterically when new autocorrects come up – and even when some are repeats.