tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. We currently have a dozen cupcakes in our house. For the two of us. Like really large cupcakes. HALP.

2. Need this one bowl tiramisu in my life. Whaaaaaat. Or not, because see #1?

3. A word I can never spell properly the first time? Opaque. Never ever ever.

4. This video of Tom Hanks is everything, I shared it on facebook last week but, like, how many times can you watch him reenact EVERY single movie he’s made? A million times. That’s how many.

5. Who else likes to waste time by looking at previous to-do lists? Not like yesterday’s to-do list, but like one of last year’s to-do lists. I know.

6. On Sunday night I was stuck in a hotel room with my 41 year old husband who was live streaming Wrestlemania for HOURS. I mean hours. I was all about the Ultimate Warrior 25 years ago buuuuut… now? The worst part is that he and Max have me outnumbered. But don’t worry. Max watches Nashville with me.

7. Apparently McDonald’s is going to start selling breakfast all day long?! Um hello, where was this when I was in college? I haven’t had a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit in eons but now all I want is a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit and apparently I can get one whenever I want. This is scary.

8. Ummm thoughts on The Walking Dead finale? I liked it, was pretty happy with the ending and almost had a heart attack like three times during the episode. That’s a winner for me. Are you going to be watching the spin off? Not sure I can get into that. At least not yet. I’m reeeeeeally excited that Nashville is new until the end. Yesss.

9. Please tell me you’ve seen the Easter things at Target. I mean, I’m sure you have since Easter is in five minutes but… SPARKLE EGGS.