march favorites I

My blush Cuyana tote. I’ve wanted a Cuyana bag since last fall, but then got word that PASTELS (!!!) would be the spring shades and decided to wait. I signed up on the email list and ordered the blush tote as soon as they came out and oh my word, I love this. I might buy something (or use cardboard) to stuff the bottom so it’s not as flimsy. But

House of Cards. So much House of Cards. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first few episodes, and I definitely don’t think this season was as good as the past two, but as it’s sat with me over the weeks I really enjoyed it. Especially towards the end. Can I be Claire Underwood please? Or at least, like, grow five feet and have her hair?

Also – Kimmy Schmidt! How does Netflix kill it with every series? They are all so good.

This Samsung NX300 camera – I have it in white. So, my iPhone stinks. I have one month until my contract is up and I’m waiting impatiently because it has spots on the camera and is getting super blurry (yes I’ve cleaned it) – and I’m sick of having ALL of my Max photos be not-so-great quality. My DSLR is HUGE (I use this huge lens regularly for my recipes and it’s just not convenient to grab when I want to snap a photo), so on the rec of Kristen, I got the NX300. It’s AWESOME. Super portable and beautiful quality – plus you can change lenses! Also… get this: it has freaking WIFI capabilities. Meaning I can snap photos and send them to my phone. #OMG2015

If you’re local, I’ve been majorly loving on two restaurants lately. First, Altius. It is SO delicious. And beautiful inside too. Second, Marty’s Market. To-die-for brunch and also where I can find fancy ass things like Jeni’s ice cream and wacky chocolate.

This super simple white button down shirt from Target. I’ve been wanting to find a white button down since before I was pregnant, but I didn’t – and then I was pregnant, so I still didn’t buy one. I really wanted a somewhat fancy one and one that is great quality because it’s such a classic piece. I still haven’t found that, but in the meantime I found this one (for $23!) that I REALLY like. It’s slightly oversized (at least I think? I usually wear a medium in tops and it’s fairly big.) and while some of the reviews online say it wrinkles easily, I actually don’t think it’s very wrinkly at all? Or it looks like effortless wrinkles? I don’t know – this one is great.

This Three Twins lemon cookie ice cream. Ummmmmmm dsjfkvbfskljgirw3uhwilf. That’s how I feel. This is SO FREAKING GOOD. Cannot get enough. You may have seen that I went to the grocery store hungry. GAH. Worth it.

Pineapple bacon guac. That is all I gotta say. This is unlike any guacamole I’ve ever had. Flipping out.

Music, let’s talk about it. I am loving Kacey Musgraves’ new song, Biscuits. It’s in my head constantly and I always belt it out to Max. I have it on a playlist with Bruno Mars Uptown Funk and Maroon 5 Sugar and we listed to the three of them every single day. Also, in the most random of randoms, I’ve been loving on Mariah’s album from 2008ish, E-MC2. I love the songs and it reminds me of a fun time in my life: Eddie and I had just got engaged.

I want to say that the birthday cake frappuccino from Starbucks was a huge favorite, but that’s not fair since it was only available for the last four days of the month. I am still REALLY loving the tiramisu latte. Like really. I think it tastes super mascarpone-y!

I’m pretty sure that this is cheating since I’ve only had them for three days, but they are certainly a favorite of the moment and will be seasonably obsolete next month. GLITTER EASTER EGGS! Do it.

Loving on my plain black Nikes. It’s super cliche but right now with Max, it’s the easiest thing to throw on some workout stuff and these shoes. Can simple black Nike shoes be chic? Probably not.

My favorite ginger kombucha – it’s always a favorite but this month I mixed it with vodka and strawberry puree. DYING. So good. A health drink? SURE.

I am REALLY loving pendant necklaces at the moment, which is just great considering I have a babe and probably only like one more month that I can successfully wear them. I bought one really similar to this (in store at J.Crew, mine had a pink opal stone and plain gold bar) and I love it so much! Especially with the whole white button down shirt thing. Or a white t-shirt. YEP.

I discovered these chocolate covered cashews in Target one day (of course) and took them on our road trip last weekend. UM. I almost ate the entire bag in one day. I even ate them quietly in the back seat with Max so I didn’t have to share. These things are freaking fabulous. Whoa.

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love over the month. there may be a few amazon affiliate links above. love love.]