tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. GUESS WHAT. My brother is getting married in four days! I can’t even wait. Eeeeeek.

2. I’m sort of on dinner strike this week due to work and the busyness of #1, but I desperately want to make these crispy fish tacos. How incredible do those look?! Holy cow.

3. Can we talk about the fabulousness that is Sweetapolita’s sprinkle etsy shop?! Oh my gosh. Unicorn medley sprinkles. MERMAID magic sprinkles. I’m officially dead.

4. Apparently 90210 (like, the original one) is getting one of those true life documentary things. Who can I pay to play Kelly Taylor? If only for the clothes.

5. On living a meaningful life and taking shortcuts. I sort of want to meditate (isn’t it omg-all-the-rage?) but it’s hard work. Do you agree?

6. This is one of my favorite days of the year – the day that Elin Hilderbrand’s summer novel comes out. I reeeeeally just wanted to stay up all night so I could read it. Per usual, I will probably binge read it then be so sad it’s over. I’m the worst kind of millennial.

7. Okay TV things. We did watch Game of Thrones – I was more entertained by the compilation articles of tweets during the show. HA. We are halfway through Bloodline and freaking out over it. Oh my gosh. We are so hooked – I even convinced Eddie to stay up past his bedtime to binge on it. We did one episode of Orange is the New Black and I’m just like… meh. I didn’t love the first season, really enjoyed the second, but now am having a hard time getting into it. What are your thoughts?

8. Max isn’t quite big enough yet for a baby pool, but ummmm what would my neighbors think if I got one anyway and sat in it myself out in the yard? Horrifying. I might do it.