tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Puhhhlease look at this honeycomb cereal pound cake. Can this just magically appear in my kitchen, like, 10 minute ago?

2. You know how single socks, bobby pins and hair ties always go missing even though you have ten thousand of them? Um, this also happens to us with laundry baskets. LAUNDRY BASKETS. Where are they all? Where are they going?

3. Have you seen this newsies/uptown funk video? Dead. Seriously. The best ever.

4. I’ve secretly been eyeing my neighbors’ hydrangeas for weeks now and was elated when they brought a little bouquet of them over. They remind me so much of Nantucket and I want to grow them in these stunning colors! What do I need to do? Or are they just gorgeous since we’ve have buckets of rain every.single.day.?

5. I’m kind of psyched for amazon prime day tomorrow and hoping there are some exxxcellent deals (cough cough nepresso cough) – are you looking for anything? Has this day happened before and been worth it? Because now that I’m a mom I remember nothing.

6. Are these some of the craziest iPhone photograph hacks or what?

7. True Detective is just… what? I don’t even know. I don’t hate it, but last year I was also sort of WTF at this point. Thoughts? Annnnd did you watch Masters of Sex? EEEEP I love it so much. Janice Ian for life.

8. What are the right name for these? No really, what do you call them?

9. My go-to snack has been yellow corn tortillas toasted over my gas stovetop then sprinkled with queso fresco. It’s dreamy, kind of embarrassing and easy as heck.

10. Did I just do a Tuesday Things full of questions? I think I did.