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Um, hi. I know.


I owe you like four months of Max updates. They are coming! He’s the sweetest bug and I can’t help but smother his little cheeks in kisses all day long instead of writing about his little cheeks. He’s also ON THE MOVE meaning that we’re constantly on the move! How do babies move so fast? I thought they were like turtles. Tell me tell me.

It’s a bit overdue but I’ve been keeping a running list in my phone of what we love/don’t love since our last favorites post. Here it is!

Orbitbaby G3. This is an updated favorite – but still a favorite since we’ve been using it now for almost seven months. Oh my gosh. GUYS. Words cannot describe how much I love this stroller system. !!!!!!! The car seat is so easy to take in and out of the car, which is difficult for me to begin with since I’m so short. It twists right into the stroller. It has a huge sun shade. It moves and swivels SO easily. I haven’t bought the stroller seat yet, but it’s next on our list. I 100% recommend this. [We also have the city mini GT stroller and honestly, we hate it. It is SO difficult to steer and turn and move, especially compared to Orbit. It doesn’t swivel and to turn the stroller, I feel like you have to actually walk around in a circle. Bah. Does anyone else feel this way? All I can find are raves about this stroller. What are we doing wrong?]

The Leachco pod – still a bigtime favorite. I know! I am such a broken record. This is the best thing ever though. Max doesn’t always stay still in this anymore – now he knows how to crawl and fling himself out of it, so it stays on the floor. But we use it as a little “seat” or as something he can relax in, or he might sit in it while we read (or he likes to climb in it… then climb back out… then back in… etc). This is wonderful to take to parents/friends’ homes and is portable. Cannot say enough good things.

Baby Einstein Activity Jumper. My mom calls this Max’s spaceship. Ha. He looooooves this. We’ve had it since he was four months old, when we had to stack books under his feet so he could reach. He jumps and plays and talks to the toys and yanks on the rings for a few minutes every morning while I get breakfast ready and stuff.

Aden and Anais sleeping bags. We use these at night as a wearable blanket (I still do not feel comfortable putting anything at all in the crib) and they keep Max super cozy over zip up pajamas. We did use the Magic Merlin sleepsuit for a few months. It was great and seemed to keep him comfortable and cozy, but you will not hear me say it was miraculous like others have – Max has still never slept through the night. With these sleep sacks, he is sleeping about the same amount of time as he did in the Merlin.

The Boon Flair high chair. This is something we registered for after I did some highchair research and we love it. Not only is is sort of sleek and cool looking, it moves around very easily and is super simple to clean.

The Bjorn Bouncer seat. Max has outgrown the Mamaroo and Rockaroo (he ended up LOVING the mamaroo for the last three months, until he, um, started trying to crawl out of it!), so this is the only seat we use. He will sit in it while I get ready or cook and giggle or babble or chew on toys.

These Gerber onesies. They are SO stretchy. Out of all the onesies we’ve had, we love these the most. They are super stretchy and soft and cute. I like them a lot more than Carters, Gap, etc for everyday use and to stuff in diaper bags.

Zara kids. This is quite possibly my favorite place to buy Max clothes. Baby style! We also love Hanna Andersson – the organic onesies and PJs are super soft and adorable. The swimsuits and hats and socks are great too! And I get some cute one pieces at Old Navy – these outfits are my favorites for summer.

Babiators. Why yes. I did buy my child polarized sunglasses. What is wrong with me? But no really, after buying a super cute pair at Carters that were slightly too big, I read lots of reviews and bought Babiators and they stay on his face. Whenever we walk, a little sun inevitably gets in his eyes depending on our direction, and these are perfect. So far, he loves wearing them. And has been for about three months.

Teethers! I got many of the recommendations off of Bev’s baby favorites. Max loves this maple one. He also loves this funny ball thing and this blue ring. He loves Sophie too. And this teething blanket is awesome, plus is has crinkly paper in the center which makes him giddy. Also, this little banana brush. He does not like the cold, frozen teethers (yet).

We also LOVE this Mama and Little teething necklace. My friend Cindy sent me this and it’s super cute and Max loves to chew on it. And these chewbeads are cute and fun to wear too.

Como Tomo bottles. Max doesn’t have a bottle every day or even every week (I’m so bad at that, ugh nursing is just so much easier if I’m home), but when I’m gone, we’ve been using these along with the Tommee Tippee bottles. He likes both, but these ones are squishy silicone and, yes… feel like boobs.

On that same note, the lansinoh milk storage bags. I mentioned these in my favorites at 10 weeks and they are still a huge fave. Out of all the milk storage bags, these are the best.

Since Max is seven months now and it’s summer, I researched high and low like the crazy first time mom that I am regarding sunscreen. So far, we are loving the California Baby (I find this at Target) as well as Think Baby. Eddie and I have insanely fair skin, so our little ginger is as pale as pale can be.

Books books books! We have tons of books (as you know I’m a book freak) and read to Max every night. Eddie often reads to him during the day on the weekends too, or even extra before we start our bedtime routine. Some of our favorites are The Book with No Pictures, Dragons Love Tacos, Love Monster, The Giving Tree and Pat the Bunny. Eddie uses hilarious voices and Max loves it.

K. That’s all for now. Soon we will be going on vacation soooo I may have a few favorites after that. Any beach recommendations? Should we get one of those baby tent things? Should we just buy another car since we will pack so much that we will need two anyway? First time parent problems. Ooomph.

[this post is not sponsored and is merely a list of products we’ve loved the last six months! there are a few amazon affiliate links above – I purchase almost everything off of amazon since they usually have the best prices. thank you so much for reading + supporting the blog! xoxo]