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This was a really good week. A really really good week! A busy week but a good week. Can I repeat myself anymore? I desperately want to snapchat my boring worklife all week but I don’t understand how to stop and snap when I’m actually working. I forget because I am an elderly person, apparently.

Are you following along on pinterest, where I post other elderly things along with glitter, neon, pretty homes and whatever is basic at the moment? And instagraMMM. It’s my fave. Remember to tag your recipes with #howsweeteats on insta!

What are you up to this weekend? I think we might finally hang pictures in our home one year after moving in. But maybe not? Maybe we will just continue to live like college students without posters on the wall.

P.S. last night a bug flew down my shirt while in the car late at night and I thought my life was over. I still can’t deal.

Check out all these goods!

I know that I mentioned doing a northern Michigan guide, but with fantastic posts like this I don’t even think I need to. This is everything. They make me want to get back ASAP… and we just left!

Three freaking words: fresh pina colada. Is this real life?

Seriously just give me this cobb salad burger and my weekend will be made.

The world just got so much better: cinnamon toast milk ice cream.

I really want to make these fresh kiwi coconut popsicles just because they are so dang cute.

My brain is overwhelmed with the beauty of this red hot chicken and fried cheese meatballs. WANT.

Could these DIY pattern bowls be any cuter? Could I possibly have any less patience, making the activity impossible to do?

100% loving this watermelon gazpacho with pistachios and basil oil. It’s the prettiest thing.

A super easy plum cake! In case you haven’t eaten all the plums like I have.

All bread looks better when it’s pink. Especially biscuits.

These peanut butter banana trail mix cookies? Done.

We were also going to make regular old peanut butter cookies today but now I think it has to be these chocolate chip cookie dough frosted brownies. Because, um… like I need an explanation for THAT.

Any favorite loves this week? The internet is full of brilliance.