tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Ummmm how cute is this triple stack donut cake? I want it in chocolate fudge.

2. In the most shocking turn of events in 2015, Eddie has started drinking smoothies with GREENS. This is unreal. I have no idea what prompted it but on Saturday he walked in the door and said he wanted to make a smoothie with spinach. Of course, this is years after I’ve tried to get him to drink one – like he wouldn’t even test the delicious one in my cookbook. WHAT.

3. Not gonna lie. I love the Old Navy commercials with Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

4. My worst nightmare happened late Friday night, in the car, in the dark, while sitting in the backseat with Max: a BUG FLEW DOWN MY DRESS. I couldn’t see it but just felt it and the monstrous flipout was unlike anything you can imagine. I absolutely loathe loathe loathe bugs.

5. Do you organize your books by color? I have my cookbooks organized by color since I easily remember the cover and it makes the kitchen look pretty. And I have tons. But all my other books… not sure I could.

6. I’m in a major instagram rut. It’s true. Whomp whomp.

7. Oh I have so many TV things to talk about. First, did you watch Fear the Walking Dead? Eddie liked it but I’m sort of on the fence. Second, did you watch the unauthorized Full House special on lifetime? I died. Third, did you know that the Lachey brothers have a freaking reality show on A&E?! Fourth, I tried to watch Wet Hot American summer on Netflix and it made me cringe with secondhand embarrassment the entire time. I just… couldn’t. Thoughts?

8. This is so my brain right now. mom+work+lifebrain