Eeeeep! It’s only one of my favorite things to share ever, because COOKIES.

20 things to bake for the holiday season I

This is the sixth year I’m sharing my annual baking list, which has morphed more into my favorite baking list and what I think you should bake.

And then I beg you to tell me what else I should bake.

It’s totally changed from when I started six years ago – back then I had all the time in the world to bake for the holidays, we’re talking DAYS on end. It’s something I’d do with my grandma and loved to continue, even though I don’t enjoy baking itself in general. (Like who has time to follow all those directions? Truth.)

But. We love to make giant cookie trays (Eddie makes the best ones) to take to family and friends all season, therefore I love to bake this time of year. Last year, I baked nothing besides the baby in my belly that was born two weeks before Christmas. Well, wait – scratch that. I baked about six dozen chocolate chip cookies and would eat one or two (or four) a night.

20 things to bake for the holiday season I

This year! I don’t have tonnnns of time to bake with a little one but I’m planning on still trying to do a bunch. My game plan right now is to prep a bunch of doughs at one time and then bake them off when it’s convenient. It’s easier than making things for the blog because we’re not talking about recipes that need tested and/or photographed in natural light.

PLUS. My cousin and I always spend a day or two making treats for friends, fun things like candied citrus peel, homemade amaretto, cocktail bitters (these need to be made, well, NOW, to be ready for Christmas), homemade bailey’s irish cream, bacon vanilla almond brittle, that saltine candy crack stuff and maybe a peppermint bark or two. I’m also wondering if I can prep two or three loaves of cinnamon orange pull apart bread and freeze it?

OMG and I cannot forget this TO DIE FOR homemade snack mix. I love it so, so, so much.

20 things to bake for the holiday season I

Here are the things I’m planning on – tell me your list below!

soft snickerdoodles (which are eddie’s favorite) but also – chewy chai snickerdoodles! those last ones are fabulous and i’ve made the recipe three times since. (one friend has made them FIVE times in the last two months and doubled it successfully. yes.)

snickerchipdoodles. just try it.

perfect cut out sugar cookies. we love to frost these as a family with tons of sprinkles. plus, these are so easy!

peanut butter blossoms. they will forever be my favorite.

double dark chocolate peanut butter cup cookies. do you think I like PB and chocolate?

doubletree hotel chocolate chip cookies. surely my favorite chocolate chip at the moment.

peppermint pattie brownies.

peppermint pattie cookies! i love both.

a big tray of homemade pistachio baklava.

mother lovett’s pink and green thumbprints.

mother lovett’s orange cookies.

cake batter chocolate bark. along with another bark or two?

soft gingersnaps. i double this recipe and it’s always a huuuuge hit.

double chocolate cheesecake cookies. one batch, i need it.

chocolate coconut truffles.

mocha coconut fudge and bourbon chocolate fudge. and i kind of want to make a peanut butter fudge?

20 things to bake for the holiday season I

So what am I missing?! Am I overly ambitious? And what’s on your list? Tell me tell me!