Um, hi. I’m going absolutely crazy this holiday season (do kids do that to you?!) and already have more holiday cheer that I have in YEARS.

my favorite holiday movie playlist I

Seriously, I think the last time I was this excited for the holidays was when I was around nine years old and not only had a tree in my room but also had to string colored lights over the entire thing. #fabulous.

These are my absolute FAVORITE holiday movies and between apple TV, netflix, amazon and downloads, I’ve already played half of this list. I’m determined that anytime the TV is on in the house, one of these is playing. That’s going over great, in case you’re wondering.

What are you favorites?! My all-time fave is probably The Family Stone. Then Christmas Vaca. And Four Christmases? I love a good bad movie.

Row 1:  ElfChristmas VacationCharlie Brown ChristmasThe Holiday

Row 2:  Home AloneFour ChristmasesHome Alone 2The Family Stone

Row 3: Love ActuallyThe Polar ExpressThe GrinchIt’s a Wonderful Life

Honorable mentions go to Rudolph, Prancer and The Santa Clause. I purposely left A Christmas Story off of that list because I have an irrational dislike for it. What is that all about?! But really, most of these are just nostalgia watches for me, and put me in the Christmas mood. Tell me your favorite holiday movie! And please do not say Die Hard. (coughcoughEddiecough)