tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. A lucky charms cake steals my heart but better yet, it has lucky charms chocolate bark. Whaaaaat.

2. Guys. Birthing a child has made me so emotional about life. I cried about 34 times at a wedding this past weekend. In my previous (before child) life, I never even cried at a movie. Who am I?

3. My life is practically made because Dunkin Donuts currently has PISTACHIO(!) iced coffee. It’s way too sweet, but if you get it with 1 pump of pistachio, it’s so much yes.

4. Who is your all-time favorite actress? Mine is Meryl Streep and well… if you agree, you need to see this instagram account. I cannot.

5. Current book you’re reading now: go.

6. What did you watch this week? I thought Billions was great but kind of a filler episode. Same with The Walking Dead, but I’m petrified. I can’t handle it. Totally forgot to talk about GIRLS last week. I love Elijah, love Ray, even like Adam and weirdly enough want him with that certain love interest even though it’s terrible. We are on episode 3 of House of Cards. Cue desperate desire for Claire Underwood’s haircut, wardrobe and height. Very emotional about it too, whyyyy.

7. Fuller House! Last week I totally forgot to include my thoughts. Um, five minutes in I wanted to die. So cringeworthy. Like more secondhand embarrassment than GIRLS. I kept watching though because Eddie was away and Max was asleep. The 90s references were adorable and by the end, it kind of grew on me. But eek. Cringe cringe.

8. 12 habits of productive people. I’m struggling lately and NEED THIS.