tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Majorly elevated avocado toast with chimichurri and a poached egg. This is me begging for that.

2. Setting my bi yearly bad example: it’s ulta’s 21 days of beauty! Wanting all the things.

3. I love the extra hour(s) of sunlight we are getting this week thanks to DST – but… I never remember my parents or anyone freaking out about it when I was a kid. Or a tween. Or a teen! Is it just all over the place since social media ruins everything? I think it’s the best week of the year. Says she who lives in a very darkly lit home. Darkly lit? Pretty sure that is not the correct wording.

4. Can we talk about dying Easter Eggs? Tell me some kid friendly ways! Or some fun kid ways! Should I just sit him outside on a ton of newspaper? Just joking. Kind of.

5. Holy cow Walking Dead. Seriously my emotions are SPENT by the end of these episodes. I get so scared that I’ve taken to watching the Talking Dead first to prepare myself. Also, Billions?! The ending? So tricky. What are your thoughts on GIRLS? I’m just over Hannah. Over her. And Nashville comes back this week. Eeeeeep!

6. Um, kind of like TV – I’m a bit unreasonably excited to see my big fat greek wedding 2. Normally, second movies ending up being the worst, but I think the fact that they waited so long? It might be funny. Unless they are just putting all of the funny bits in the previews.

7. How to just START. Loving this.

8. Big question – what is ONE thing that your dream kitchen would include?