tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. This watermelon elicits strong feelings of both love and hate, and I thought I’d loathe the combo but I actually love it. It’s rich-meets-refreshing. Plus, sprinkles. Duh. It’s the best thing to eat when it’s 237 degrees outside.

2. Berry Cereal Milkshakes. I’m serious.

3. My goal in life this week is to recreate those chocolate peanut butter magnum ice cream bars to a T. I probably need to eat a “few” to make sure I get it right, obviously.

4. Training your brain past perfectionism. Oooooh yes.

5. You know that Eddie’s losing his mind over all this T Swift drama since he’s her biggest fan.

6. TV! Okay, we started watching The Night Of on HBO and while it’s going to give me nightmares, I’m already so hooked. And it stresses me out like all good HBO programming does. What else are you watching?

7. Would would be inside your ideal s’mores? Traditional? Nutella? Something with potato chips? Also if you haven’t had one yet this summer, now is the time. I’m working on something!

8. This is how I feel.

9. p.s. Babe updates! 18 months and 18 month favorites >> don’t miss it.