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Gooood morning! Hi! How are ya? We have a fun day of donuts and tacos planned along with some weekend swim and vacation prep. Eeeeep! What is on your agenda?

So what are your thoughts on instagram stories vs. snapchat? As much as I loathe change, I actually kind of love the stories right now. Snapchat has made it impossible to find people, track your audience and I just don’t have TIME to open another app!

I’m missing the pretty filters though… whomp whomp. Max is missing the puppy filter, obvs.

If you missed it last week, you can check out my July beauty faves and lifestyle faves. Loving so many things right now.

Would love if you guys followed me on facebook and pinterest too! Let me know what you are dying to see more of.

loves of the week:

this peach burrata salad. i wouldn’t complain.

i’ve been craving a s’mores brownie like whoa.

for next weekend: the best road trip playlist.

guys. spiralized (!) refrigerator pickles! so cool.

5 layer ice cream cake! i cannot.

super pretty watermelon gazpacho.

this cucumber thai basil gin and tonic sounds ridiculously refreshing.

crispy avocado egg rolls. need this in my life.

the happiest sprinkle cookie ice cream sandwiches ever. so fun.

check out how insanely cheesy this baked eggplant parmesan is!

whoa! this ratafruitie is super creative.

diner pancakes with bacon butter! i’m already in a delicious carb coma.

this lemongrass, coconut and blackberry cocktail is calling my name. OF COURSE.