tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. This past weekend I was the person who everyone HATES on a plane: the sick one. My guilt is strong.

2. I’ll take a few maple glazed pumpkin buttermilk doughnuts please and thank you.

3. What are you going to be for Halloween?! And would you go into a haunted house where people are allowed to touch you? Nothing sounds worse to me. I haven’t wanted to watch a scary movie since seventh grade.

4. Not sure if there is anything TV worthy worth talking about aside from the Walking Dead. UGH. I read the spoilers and was prepared (in a show like that I NEED the spoilers, too emotionally invested) but still couldn’t handle it. I can’t handle anything since having a kid! Masters of Sex was sort of a filler episode, Divorce was funny, This is Us just guts me every single time.

5. I definitely became my own boss after multiple meltdowns. Apparently the meltdown is where it’s at.

6. Thoughts on a second instagram account? I really prefer everything on one account, but we talked about it a lot this weekend and if should I start a second account for Max overload pictures and other life things that I skip out on now. BAH to social media.

7. Last week a doctor 100% shamed me for still nursing Max. It wasn’t MY doctor, of course, but I went to a quick med express thing to see if I needed a prescription for my cough before traveling and he was like “uh yeah, you really should stop that at this age.” OH REALLY? I actually laughed at him.

8. I’m SURE everyone has seen the SNL skits from last week but let’s just have a moment of appreciation for my two weird crushes, Tom Hanks and Alex Baldwin, being in the skits together.

9. Why is it that we will just never get over Sex and the City? Let’s rank Carrie’s best boyfriends while we’re at it.