tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Aren’t these radishes the prettiest things ever?! They are called easter egg radishes! Now only if they come covered in sparkles and glitter, my life would be complete.

2. I’m seriously craving these butterbean and squash toasts. Looks like a flavor explosion.

3. Please tell me you’re in this club: I set an alarm on the weekends even though I don’t need to, because I can’t think of anything worse than sleeping late and wasting the day away.

4. Over the weekend, I bought an actual CD. An actual CD! My car is almost ten years old and while it has an audio jack, it doesn’t have bluetooth connection or anything, and I got the iphone 7 for Christmas and it there is zero way to plug my phone into my car for music purposes… so I bought a CD to make it through a 30 minute ride.

5. Having a kid has made me crazy in the holiday decor area. Our house looks like cupid exploded everywhere and I 100% love it. It makes Max so excited!

6. TV things! What the heck was up the with The Affair? I kind of expected that to be the situation with Noah, but I need more Cole/Allison in the story next week. And I did like this episode of Homeland a little more than the first one. Nashville? Still liking it more than I thought. And This is Us… best show ever.

7. Speaking of TV, I’m into season five of Gilmore Girls (yes I have not slept at all and basically do every ounce of work with netflix on, oh well), and while I am HEAVILY team Jess, there is one major problem. There is not enough Jess! Like he is in the show for five minutes. I need more. So much more.

8. Ooooh and last week I finished Lauren Graham’s new book (I liked it, it was cute) and I randomly started the Little Book of Hygge on a whim because I keep hearing about it. What are you reading right now?

9. Things that should never be on your to-do list. Well this just ruined my day.

10. One day last week, I somehow got sucked into the ice fishing hashtag on instagram which then got me sucked into looking up facts on Antarctica and if people live there or travel there and holy cow can you say procrastination?