How crazy would it be if we drank our champagne… frozen?!

frozen mimosas I

I say, as long as it involves champagne, I’ll drink it any way, shape or form.

frozen mimosas I

This is the first of two cocktails that I think are so super perfect for your Easter weekend.

And it couldn’t be easier! I’m actually embarrassed (again) at how easy this is. It just requires a leeeeettle bit of prep on your part, in the form of making orange juice ice cubes. I have some delicious fruity ice cubes coming in my next book, which is where the idea for a frozen mimosa even came from. I initially thought I could do orange juice cubes with champagne poured over top, BUT. What about blending them together? It’s like a frosty dessert that you get to have BEFORE your meal.

Champagne not optional.

frozen mimosas I

Let’s be real: you could have them at any point in time over the year, but it’s so cold during winter holidays that the last thing I want is an icy drink that’s reminiscent of snow. So save it for the sunny days like these when all the spring blooms are popping up and we are thisclose to having a taste of warmth.

It’s just in our glass! Looks like sunshine for sure. And has sooo much vitamin C that it may as well be a supplement.

frozen mimosas I

100% going to make frozen GRAPEFRUIT mimosas for our actual Easter cocktail. That’s my favorite mimosa flavor and it will also be super pretty in pink. The flavor options are just ENDLESS. And frozen bellinis too! Oooooh I like where this is going.

frozen mimosas I

ALSO. These remind me of my frosty coconut mojitos which I love so.freaking.much. Craving one of those like whoa at the moment because they taste like summertime. Hurry hurry!

frozen mimosas I

Frozen Mimosas

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  • 2 cups orange juice ice cubes
  • 4 cups prosecco champagne or sparkling wine
  • orange slices/wedges for garnish I like cara caras!


  • The night before, fill two ice cube trays with orange juice and freeze them overnight.
  • The next morning, add your orange juice ice cubes and your champagne/wine to a blender and blend until frosting. If the mixture is too liquidy, you can add a few extra (regular) ice cubes!

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I appreciate you so much!

frozen mimosas I

So many thumbs up.