tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Want to hear something pathetic? I’m looking forward to going on vacation to do a PUZZLE. Like a legit puzzle. We’ve always done them on vacation as a family and it’s relaxing. But on vacation? Why don’t I just do one now.

2. WHOA. I really want this frozen cherry cola slushie. 2017 version, hello!

3. Which is HUGE because I’m in the pregnancy phase where I still don’t want to eat anything sweet. Like one bite of something is too much. It’s so, so weird.

4. I’m very intrigued by the Apple HomePod and sort of interested in the getting an Alexa. TELL ME. What can I do with this thing in my home? Alexa also freaks me out.

5. Freaking Bloodline. I haven’t finished it yet – I’m trying to wait for Eddie. Why can’t he binge watch like I can? So don’t tell me! But it’s so good. I blew through House of Cards in a few days. I found it sort of boring at first but really got into the end. And can we discuss how fantastic Neve Campbell still looks?

6. Puhlease tell me that you saw my summer reading list! I have been so excited ever since I put it together because my summer is going to be SET.

7. May be going to Target once a week just to check out their pool float collection. Feel like a child.

8. Perhaps I need to read up on how to stop saying “um” and “like”? Ummmmm.