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So we’re doing something a leeeeettle different for thirsty Thursday today, but I promise that it does include a drink. Err, something to put your drink IN. Which is almost as good.

Yes yes! This floral ice bucket was such a hit last summer and I’ve had tons of requests to share, so here’s how we are doing it.  It’s super fun and pretty and people think that you are wildly talented because you can mix flowers and water. To create ice! To hold your wine! 

I know that technically one of these ice molds isn’t required, but it makes the process about a million times easier. SO much easier, trust me. I tried making one of these before getting a mold and it was near impossible to get out and also super difficult to fit in my freezer to freeze.

So! Ice mold it is. This one is from crate and barrel (full disclosure, they sent me one of these last summer because I do a lot of freelance work for them, but I purchased a second on my own because I wanted to make two molds for a party!) and it works like a charm.

how to make a floral ice bucket - VIDEO! I howsweeteats.com

When it comes to the flowers, I can’t bear to buy gorgeous fresh flowers JUST for this purpose. So I usually buy them a few days (or even a week) in advance and then use up the flowers once they are on their last leg. This makes me feel better about life in general and like I didn’t buy $20 worth of flowers to cover in water and make an ice cube. You know.

The flowers to use? Whatever you want! Pick whatever flowers you love and whatever colors you love. I pull off some of the petals when necessary and pull the flower from the stems. Sometimes I incorporate the bigger, heartier green leaves too because I like the color. Fill up the mold and fill it with water. The WORST part is waiting the full 24 hours for this big thing to freeze, so yes I do suggest planning this out ahead of time.

In fact, if you go right this season and buy flowers you can have this done for the weekend! So you can really shout yes way rosé from the rooftops. FUN.

how to make a floral ice bucket - VIDEO! I howsweeteats.com

How to Make a Floral Ice Bucket

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  • a cooler ice cube mold like this one
  • a bunch of fresh flowers


  • Most molds will have their specific directions, so you can easily follow them. But I like to cut the flowers from the stems and place them into the molds in alternating colors. You can also use citrus or other fruits! I then pour in hot water (so it will hopefully freeze as clear as possible) and freeze overnight. Right before using, run under warm water, remove from the mold and stick your wine inside! So pretty.
  • Note: the mold I use comes with a container to hold it in – on top of using that, you can also set this on a platter of ice. It melts much slower than you’d think, but I would still only use it indoors!

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how to make a floral ice bucket - VIDEO! I howsweeteats.com

Of course if you in my situation, you can fill it with some sparkling blood orange soda. Almost as good.