1. Stupidly, I got my first sunburn in YEARS on the first day of vacation. I’ve been a legit psycho about sunscreen and skincare for the last few years and haven’t got one shade of pink in ages and now I feel like I RUINED everything in a few minutes outside in my typical dramatic fashion.

2. If you watch my insta stories, you know that a few nights ago I got roped into watching Forrest Gump and could not stop BAWLING MY EYES OUT at the end. I mean I probably haven’t seen that movie in 15 years, and I know I’m in an emotional state at the moment but I definitely never cried at movies before. Now I can’t watch anything even remotely moving without melting into a puddle.

3. Absolutely dyyyying over why these tops are the worst. I mean, as a huge Kelly Kapowski forever fan I always WANT to love the look, but it is so embarrassingly impractical for my life at the moment that I just cannot. p.s. I found this over on Tracy’s blog because she always has the best lists!

4. OKAY! So I finished OITNB and ended up getting really into the last few episodes. I don’t know why I haven’t been able to get into the show the last few seasons at the beginning. I still wish that they had moved the episodes forward more because having them set in the same scene for basically 13 episodes was insane, but I really ended up liking it and now can’t wait for next year!

5. When I was a teenager I heard about people getting pregnant and their feet growing so much that they could no longer wear any of their shoes. In those very vain years, I was seriously worried about that. BUT! Now that I’m over halfway through my second, that hasn’t happened at all so maybe it’s not a thing? Is it a thing? The Sperry’s I told you about last week actually ended up being too big?!

6. I barely even remember before the internet now. HA.

7. Soooo how many times is it appropriate to eat ice cream on vacation? Also, how many times is it appropriate to give your toddler ice cream on vacation? Asking for a friend. Who isn’t even really an ice cream person.

8. Remember a few weeks ago when I was also weirdly emotional over the Stanley Cup finals? UGH. This article is KILLING me. Whyyy am I such a sap.

9. I finally am finishing up The Identicals (um, the Barnes and Noble version has an extra chapter at the end!! Even though I preordered the book on my phone before it came out, I bought a copy at the signing two weeks ago!) and moving on to something next on my summer reading list. What have you made it through so far?