While I’ve been all about the mocktails this summer, I’ve finally made us a rainbow we can DRINK.

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Actually, we can eat and drink the rainbow at the same time! A rainbow coconut water mocktail, more specifically spritzers? HELLO. It’s almost like a non-boozy coconut water sangria. Without the wine. And with rainbow fruit. So basic that only us Target lovers would understand? Quite possibly.

rainbow coconut water spritzers I howsweeteats.com

Coconut water!!

So I never 100% LOVED coconut water until we started drinking the Harmless Harvest brand a few years ago. I know that I talk about it all the time but it is the BEST. It seriously saved me right after I had Max and experienced the most intense thirst ever in my life – and now, a few years later, even Eddie drinks it every single morning after his workout. He doesn’t like coconut, mostly because of the texture, but true, pure coconut water doesn’t even taste like fake manufactured coconut. It’s definitely an acquired taste but it is so incredibly refreshing and hydrating. Max loves it too and calls it “coconut juice.” I die.

When I was regularly doing hot yoga and would go in the middle of summer and feel like my entire body was on fire, chugging some coconut water afterwards was a lifesaver. I swear it prevented heat-induced headaches that I’ve had from working out in intense temps before. It’s a major staple in our fridge!

rainbow coconut water spritzers I howsweeteats.com

And I am a big PLAIN water drinker, if only because I don’t love carbonated beverages and have never been into juice. It’s always been just water for me – something I crave constantly. Even at room temperature, even without ice. I’ve never had a problem drinking it, but this pregnancy I am struggling. It still tastes semi-weird and I’m not consuming as much as I normally do. I feel it. Ugh.

So again! To remedy that, I’ve been making little coconut water spritzers to make water in general taste BETTER.

rainbow coconut water spritzers I howsweeteats.com

I made us a super fancy one in case you wanted to feel all special too. Plus, all sorts of rainbow fruit because it’s summer and ROY G BIV-ing everything makes me embarrassingly excited. Like, I actually had all this fruit in my house without planning for this recipe. Pretty sure I subconsciously buy fruit in rainbow shades each weekend due to my forever tween brain.

True story: I wanted to get rainbow chairs for my kitchen table. I still want to. They totally won’t go. But I want to. But I won’t. Whomp whomp.

rainbow coconut water spritzers I howsweeteats.com

Aren’t these just so super cute?!

rainbow coconut water spritzers I howsweeteats.com

Another very exciting development in my life (like, really) is that my grocery store started selling Polar seltzer – and they have the vanilla flavor! That’s what I used here and the combination was SO good. I’m also a big lover of the passionfruit and coconut flavors by La Croix, so mixing coconut water with those and lots of ice is also delicious.

The fun part, however, is that you can truly customize the flavor of this depending on your soda/seltzer! It’s totally up to you.

rainbow coconut water spritzers I howsweeteats.com

ALSO. How fun is it to have a mocktail that we can actually say is good for us? I KNOW.

rainbow coconut water spritzers I howsweeteats.com

Rainbow Coconut Water Spritzers

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handfuls of fresh:

  • raspberries
  • strawberries
  • cherries
  • peaches
  • pineapple
  • lime slices
  • fresh mint
  • blueberries
  • blackberries
  • 16 ounces coconut water my fave is harmless harvest
  • 8 ounces flavored seltzer like coconut or vanilla


  • Fill each glass with a bit of crushed ice, then add the fruit in rainbow colors. I like using the ROY G BIV guidelines! Once the fruit is in the glasses, add a bit more ice and fill each glass with about 4 ounces of coconut water.
  • Top each off with some flavored seltzer (I love Polar vanilla or La Croix coconut or passionfruit!) and serve. Garnish with extra fresh mint.

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rainbow coconut water spritzers I howsweeteats.com

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